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Chapter 23

In fact, this wasn’t just monopolizing the market – they were obviously deliberately extorting money from her!

“Miss Palmer, that’s the only way we can get materials in. Now they’ve created a road block and they don’t allow any other suppliers’ materials to come through. If we need materials, we have to buy from them.”

Frustration was written all over the face of the one in charge of this, Mr Roger. “But their materials are five times higher than the market rate!”

It was impossible for them to buy because this price would exceed their budget, and the office would never approve this purchase.

The factory had to be built very urgently because the project had already started. If they couldn’t build the factory in time, they would face great losses.

Nobody could shoulder this responsibility at all.

Diane asked, “Who are these people?”

“No idea, they just popped out from nowhere.” There was nothing Mr Roger could do.

He had gone to reason with them but was nearly beaten up. “I called the police and they ran once the police came. But after the police left, they came back and continued blocking the road, so I don’t know what to do at all.”

He couldn’t possibly get the police to keep coming back either.

Diane was furious now.

These people had obviously come to make trouble.

They had just chased away one group a few days back, and now a new group was here. It seemed like many people had their eye on this project.

Diane didn’t even know who could be so bent on ruining this project.

She sat in the office with the various project managers to think of a solution. Meanwhile, Ethan, who had been standing at the door all this time, hopped into the car and left.

There was only one proper road leading from the city to where the factory was. The road wasn’t very wide, but it was the only way to the factory.

All the building materials the factory needed had to come through this road to get to the factory.

But right now, there was a large sign halfway down the road: Road block ahead, drive slowly.

They didn’t care about ordinary cars, but if it was a vehicle carrying building materials, they would immediately tell the driver to turn back and get lost.

“Boss, I think this Palmer Group factory is never going to get built even if you give them a few decades.”

“Hoho, they can’t get any steel or cement or wood in, what will they use to build?”

“Well it’s not impossible. They just have to buy from us! It’s only five or six times more expensive, and their company is filthy rich anyway!”

The few of them were sitting in a little tent by the road. They made sure that not a single vehicle carrying materials for the Palmer Group could get through.

“I heard our brother is still in a coma?”

“That useless fellow, I got him to settle this but he ended up in this state. Boss was very unhappy when he heard about what happened!”

“But who was that guy even? He dared to beat up our fellow brothers – he must be tired of living!”

As they were talking, they suddenly saw a car coming at them at high speed.

They could see from afar that it was a white BMW, but for some reason, the front of the car had been smashed in very badly.

“Tell him to stop, ask who it is,” the leader of the group quietly instructed.

The rest of them immediately walked out and held out a hand to tell Ethan to slow down and stop.


The car engine became even louder. He didn’t decelerate, but accelerated instead!

Everyone’s face turned pale.

“Stop! STOP!”

They stood in front of the road block. They had never seen anyone crazy enough to crash right into them.

But the person coming wasn’t just anybody – it was Ethan!

The BMW smashed into the barrier head on, scaring all of them half to death!

The barrier they had was now broken into several pieces.

“Bloody hell! This guy’s nuts!”

“He’s crazy!”

“This is murder!”

The few of them were sprawled on the floor, their hearts coming out of their mouths soon.

If they had reacted that bit slower, they would have been killed.

The car stopped not far from them, and Ethan was slowly walking over. The few of them were now filled with fury. This guy even dared to stop and get out?

If they didn’t beat him today, they’d write their names backwards from now on!

“Get your ass over here!”

“Bloody hell, how dare you nearly kill me, I’m going to kill you!”

“Fuck, you’d better kneel down and compensate me!”

They shouted angrily as they made their way towards Ethan.

One of them reached to grab Ethan’s clothes, but there was a smacking sound as he felt his chest shake violently and a loud crack could be heard. He hadn’t even seen when Ethan had made his attack!

His bone was broken!


Howls of pain filled the air!

In a blink of an eye, three of them were on the ground with their limbs all broken!

The last man in the tent heard the noise and rushed out, a knife in his hand.

“You’re asking for it!”


Ethan saw him rushing over and suddenly held up his hand. A fist struck the man straight in the nose and blood spurted everywhere.

That man’s face practically sank in.


That pain was indescribable!

“Who…who the hell are you?”

The man held his nose as fresh blood continued to flow between his fingers. “Do you know who we are?!”

“I don’t care whose dogs you are.”

Ethan looked at the rest, his voice as cold as the air in winter. “I will only give you one warning. If you dare to affect the Palmer Group factory’s building progress, you’re going to die!”

With that, he turned and hopped into the car and left.

After Ethan had left, all of them still couldn’t even stand. Part of the reason was because their limbs had been broken, but it was also because the frightening aura that Ethan exuded made them so fearful, they found it difficult to breathe!

It was as if they had come face to face with a violent dragon and not a man!

A violent dragon that could easily tear them to pieces!

“Hurry! Get to the hospital! Hurry up!”

“Tell the Boss! We’ve run into a difficult one!”


Back at the meeting room, Diane and the rest still hadn’t thought of a good solution.

These people were very cunning, and it seemed like there was no other way but to meet their demands.

“This won’t do. I’m going to talk to them.”

Diane got up from her seat. She couldn’t afford to waste anymore time.

Once they were behind schedule to build the factory, they would have to adjust the timeline for the entire project. She couldn’t afford to be responsible for the losses in their investment they would suffer if that happened.

“No need to talk,” Ethan reappeared at the door. “I’ve already talked to them.”


Diane and the other project managers were stunned.

“When did you go and talk to them?”

“When you guys were having a meeting,” Ethan calmly relied. “I’ve already talked to them, they know they were in the wrong, so they’ve already moved the barrier away. You can let the vehicles through now.”

Diane suddenly felt dizzy.

They had spent a long time discussing solutions but couldn’t find a good one. Ethan had just gone out for a while and managed to reach an agreement?

That was impossible.

But Ethan had never lied to her. At least from the time she knew him till now, he had never lied at all.

“Miss Palmer?” Mr Roger asked cautiously.

“Tell the vehicles to quickly send everything in,” replied Diane.

Mr Roger nodded and made arrangements.

Diane walked over to Ethan and tilted her head as she looked up at him, “How did you settle this?”

“With gentle persuasion and a sincere heart.”

Ethan laughed and put up a fist. “Well that’s what I planned to do initially. But after thinking about it, my fists would settle his matter much quicker.”

Diane was speechless.

“It’s time to knock off, so let’s go.”

“What? Again? Are we going home?”

Ethan dragged Diane into the car and made a sharp turn, causing all the dust to fly everywhere.

“The front of this car is all banged up and looks bad on you. Let’s go get another car.”

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