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Chapter 22

April had no idea how to react at all. Five million!

She didn’t dare to take so much money that she hadn’t earned. Even if this was compensation, she really didn’t need this much.

She had no idea that if she didn’t forgive them, the losses to Greencliff Bank was even higher than 20 billion!

“It’s too much, and I really can’t accept this. Just $200 for my medical bills is enough.”

For as long as April did not agree, Thomas Reid and the rest remained bowed, not even daring to lift their heads.

“I’ll just accept it first then.”

April didn’t know what to do since she didn’t know how to reject them at all. She decided to wait till Diane came back before finding a way to handle this.

When they saw that April accepted their token of apology, Thomas Reid and the rest breathed a sigh of relief. They had thought that April would ask for way more than this, but now they were embarrassed that they had thought of her that way in the first place.

“April! Come out here right now! You knocked into my brother’s car and now you’re hiding at home? Come out and compensate us!”

“Damn it, so it’s this family? Bloody hell, how dare you knock into my car, you’d better come out and compensate me, otherwise I’m going to bash all of you up!”

There was suddenly a loud voice at the door threatening to barge into the house.

Ryan Harris rolled up his sleeves and was ready to fight!

He wasn’t leaving until they coughed up at least a million bucks!

April started frowning.

Ethan had indeed knocked into a car the night before. A luxury car no less, and it must have been worth a lot of money.

But it was their fault for blocking the way in the first place.

“I’m really sorry about this, let me take a look outside.”

April walked out to see Sandra Harris with her hands on her hips and shouting away.

“So what if you own a BMW? What’s so great about that? So much so you even dare to knock into my brother’s Porsche?”

“You know how much that Porsche costs? It’s enough to buy several shitty BMWs!”

Sandra Harris rarely found the chance to shout at others this confidently, so her voice was extra loud and attracted the attention of many neighbors.

She wanted to show everyone that a BMW was practically worthless in front of a Porsche.

“Are you April? So you guys are the ones who knocked into my car last night!”

Ryan Harris saw that April had come out and laughed coldly. “Just because you own a shitty BMW, you’ve become arrogant huh? Let’s see how you’re going to compensate me! Prepare to go bankrupt!”

“That car of mine is worth more than a million! And now it’s beyond repair!”

April’s face turned as white as a sheet.

A car worth more than a million?

They couldn’t afford that for sure.

But it was too late for that. After all, Ethan had indeed knocked into his car.

“Ryan Harris?”

She was about to reply when Thomas Reid walked out from behind her. He frowned, “Why are you here?”

“CEO…CEO Reid!”

Ryan Harris immediately froze on the spot.

Why was the CEO here?

And he had walked out from April’s house!

It was as if he had been struck by lightning and was rooted to the ground. He didn’t even dare to move an inch.

In front of the CEO, a mere departmental head like him wasn’t even qualified to carry his shoes!

“You know each other?” April was surprised.

“This is the Head of Customer Service at the headquarters, and he was recently promoted.” Thomas Reid did not conceal any of this.

He could tell immediately that Ryan Harris had some unsettled matters with April, and scoffed in his heart.

They had taken much effort to make sure April accepted their apology, but now Ryan Harris had come to make trouble – what was this all about?

This idiot didn’t know what was good for him – was he trying to get the whole Greencliff Bank into trouble?!

“Ryan Harris, what is going on?” Thomas Reid’s face was dead serious.

“CEO, it’s…it’s them. They knocked into my car last night and damaged it, so I…”

“Nonsense, you were the one who purposely parked the car at the exit and blocked everyone’s way. Others didn’t dare to touch your car, but this family dared to.”

“Tsk, there are all sorts of people in this world huh. So he’s a departmental head in Greencliff Bank, no wonder he dares to throw his weight about like that.”

“He’s arrogant just because he’s rich. Doesn’t the bank have money only because we put money in? I’m never using Greencliff Bank anymore!”

Some of the neighbors watching were reasonable people, and couldn’t hold it in when they heard the nonsense Ryan Harris was spouting.

Thomas Reid’s face became even nastier when he heard what they said.

This matter had now started to affect Greencliff Bank’s reputation.

He turned and bowed slightly to April, “Madam Palmer, I am really very sorry for yet another disturbance to your life. I hope you will not take this to heart, I will settle this matter.”

Thomas Reid’s face grew serious, and Ryan Harris felt weak in his knees.

He had never seen the CEO so polite to anybody before!

How was this woman connected to the CEO?

He turned around to look at his own sister, Sandra Harris, and she was also shocked speechless. She never knew that April’s family had connections like this. Even the CEO of Greencliff Bank had to bow to her?

“I’ll compensate you for your car!”

Thomas Reid wrote a check and threw it at Ryan Harris.

Ryan Harris didn’t dare to pick it up at all!

“Also, you’ve been fired.”

Thomas Reid didn’t waste time beating round the bush. “Every employee of Greencliff Bank must be of the highest character. If you are of poor character, don’t even think of joining the company!”

“CEO! CEO! Don’t fire me! I was wrong! I admit my mistake!”

Ryan Harris’s face was ashen.

If he were to be fired, he couldn’t pay the monthly installments on the car loan!

And he couldn’t afford to lose such a good job too!

“Now you know your mistake? Too late!”

“Secretary,, inform HR and make a company announcement. Also, tell the one who recommended Ryan Harris for a promotion to see me in the office first thing tomorrow morning for a reflection session!”

Ryan Harris was now like a deflated balloon, and his entire body was weak.

Sandra Harris was also still standing there, her face all pale. She never thought things would end this way.

She hadn’t even had time to boast about how her younger brother had been promoted and bought a luxury car. And now all this had vanished into thin air?

“April! Have pity on us! Have pity on us!!”

She quickly ran to April and squeezed a smile out, “We’re all neighbors after all, so have some pity on us.”

“This is all my brother’s fault, so we’ll apologize to you right now. We’re sorry! We’re sorry!”

April looked at Sandra Harris. No matter how kind she was, she too, could not tolerate how someone could be so two faced.

Sandra Harris had often badmouthed April and family – did Sandra Harris think that she didn’t know about that?

She had called William a cripple and called her an old hag who didn’t know how to make money. Recently she had said their family was a bunch of good for nothings and had to find someone to marry into the family. Did Sandra Harris really think she didn’t know she said all these awful things?

April took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, but you deserved this!”

Sandra Harris’s face immediately paled when she heard this.

She didn’t dare to say anything anymore and dragged Ryan Harris away immediately. If they didn’t leave now, they could be humiliated even further!

“Madam Palmer, I apologize once again for ruining your mood,” Thomas Reid looked extremely apologetic.

“No worries, I’m thankful for your help. As for the compensation…”

“Please don’t talk about the money, please don’t, that concerns my pride too,” Thomas Reid jokingly replied. “We should get going, we will not disturb Madam Palmer any longer.”

With that, Thomas Reid and his subordinates left.

All the neighbors were watching with envy, and some were even jealous!

Nobody knew that April and family were such big shots!

Even the CEO of Greencliff Bank had to be so polite to her!

April was a bit embarrassed by all this, so she just greeted some of the neighbors with a few nods of the head and then went back into the house. She was still in shock about what had just happened.

Meanwhile at the factory construction site office.

Diane’s face was grim. She was so furious, her body was trembling slightly.

“They’re trying to monopolize the market! They’ve gone too far!”

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