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Chapter 21

They had their fill of food and liquor.

Ethan had drank quite a bit, so he wasn’t allowed to drive.

Tom Foster arranged for someone to take them home.

William had drunk quite a bit. He held April in his arms and kept whispering in her ear all the way home.

“My dear, I love you, I promise to get well and bring happiness to you and Diane!”

“My dear, thank you for taking care of me for all these years, how did I deserve such a good wife?”

“Wifey, let’s be together forever, ok?”

William was like a child, holding onto April, making her turn red from embarrassment, but she couldn’t stop him either.

“The kids are watching!” April couldn’t help saying.

Diane pretended she hadn’t seen anything, but there was a smile on her face.

She hadn’t seen her parents like this in a long time.

It was late at night. Diane was lying on her side while Ethan was on the floor next to the bed.



“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The conversation was short and they fell into silence again.

“Next time, don’t spend money like that on my family, ok?”

“I won’t agree to that.”

Ethan was unrelenting even in front of Diane. “This is my family, which includes my wife and my parents. If I don’t spend on you guys, then who will I spend it on?”


Diane bit her lips.

She didn’t know if this man was really stupid or just pretending to be. Given his wealth and influence, he could have any woman he wanted, and there was no need to insist on marrying into her family.

“I’ve been shamelessly living in your house and eating your mum’s cooking, so surely I can’t just stay here for free right?” Ethan replied, “Ok now, go to bed, goodnight.”

Diane still had questions, but Ethan didn’t want to respond anymore.

She couldn’t do anything about that. Why was this guy doing this?

The rest of the night went on in silence.

When Ethan woke up in the morning, he found that breakfast was even more sumptuous than the day before.

He didn’t bother with being polite at all. He started eating the moment he was done washing up.

“Where’s Dad?”

“He drank a bit too much last night, so he’s still sleeping,” April answered softly from the kitchen.

“Dad has to really increase how much liquor he can hold, otherwise how will he entertain clients in the future?”

He said this very casually, but April froze for a while.

Entertain clients?

Why would William need to entertain clients?

Ethan didn’t elaborate.

“Ok, sure, got it, I’ll be there immediately!”

Diane packed her things and came running out of the room, “Something has happened at the factory and I must go over now!”

There was still a fried dough stick in Ethan’s hand, but he immediately stood up, “I’ll send you there!”

“Mum, we’re going out!” Both of them flew out of the door.

“Diane, you haven’t taken breakfast yet!” April shouted after them, but they had long gone.

She looked back at the table of dishes that looked like a tornado had gone through them after Ethan had ravenously eaten everything and shook her head, then started laughing to herself.

“This boy is really…it’s not as if anybody is snatching the food away from him.”

April stacked up the cutlery and was about to walk into the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

She opened the door and saw a few men in suits carrying some gifts. They didn’t look like normal men on the streets.

The leader of the men had graying hair, and he bowed immediately upon seeing April. He asked politely, “Are you Madam April?”

April nodded. “Who are you?”

“Madam April, I am the CEO of Greencliff Bank, Thomas Reid. This over here is the branch manager, Mr Avery.” Thomas Reid’s face was extremely apologetic as he said, “We know all about what happened to Madam April at our branch yesterday, so today we have come here specially to apologize to you.”

April got a shock.

The CEO and branch manager of Greencliff Bank had come here personally to apologize to her?

“Could we come in?” Thomas Reid asked politely.

“Oh, oh sure, please come in,” April let them into the house.

Ryan Harris was furiously standing at the management office of the estate.

He hadn’t slept the whole night, and had come rushing over to the management office the moment the staff reported to work.

“Investigate this immediately! Now! Check the CCTV! I want to see which bastard knocked into my car!”

That was the Porsche he had just bought!

It had been damaged beyond repair!

He was going to find the bastard who did this and bankrupt him!

“I’m really sorry, but it was too dark last night, and I think the CCTV might not have been able to capture who it was.”

The manager in the office couldn’t stand people like Ryan Harris, and really didn’t want to help him find out who it was.

Ryan Harris was the one who had simply parked his car, so he deserved the way he had been treated!

“Don’t you dare try to smoke us like that! I live here and I know how powerful the CCTV is! Didn’t the CCTV manage to capture who David’s daughter-in-law was having an affair with?”

Sandra Harris’s voice became louder, “If you don’t investigate this, we will have to call the police then!”

The manager had no choice but to get someone to check the CCTV.

The moment she saw that BMW that didn’t even have a permanent license plate, Sandra Harris started shouting.

“It’s them! So it’s them!”

“Sis, you know who it is?” Ryan Harris asked angrily.

“It’s that neighbor of mine. This car belongs to her family, and she even tried to lie to us, saying the man who married into her family was the one who bought it!”

Sandra Harris snorted and continued mockingly, “Everyone here knows that the guy who married into their family is some homeless person, how could he have afford a car?”

“Ha, since they dared to knock into my car, I’m going to teach them a lesson!”

Ryan Harris’s face darkened and dragged Sandra Harris out of the management office and towards April’s house.

He wanted to not just beat Ethan up, but to make them pay!

Since they could afford a BMW, then surely they could afford to buy a new Porsche for him, right?

On the other side.

April poured some water for the guests. Thomas Reid quickly stood up and took the glass with both hands.

“Madam Palmer, you’re being too polite with us.”

He waved his hand and his subordinates quickly brought the gifts over.

“Here is a token of apology from us, I hope Madam Palmer will accept it.”

April waved her hands, “It’s not appropriate of me to do so.”

“No no no, we are the ones in the wrong, so we would like to seek forgiveness from Madam Palmer,” Thomas Reid immediately replied. “We are really very sorry for the terrible misunderstanding that happened, and so please let us know how you would like to be compensated, we will comply without questions.”

The branch manager stood at one side and didn’t even dare to say anything.

This matter had become very serious.

Nobody could have thought that the CEO, who was retiring soon, was nearly fired over this!

The global union had also warned them that if they didn’t settle this matter properly, Greencliff Bank would be kicked out of the union. That would be disastrous for them!

“The general manager in question has already been sacked, and we will ensure that nobody in the banking industry will ever hire him again.”

The CEO continued, “As for the teller, we will sue her for slander. And as for that security guard…”

“Mr Reid,” April immediately shook her head when she heard this. “You don’t have to do this, it’s too harsh on them. I believe these young people did not have ill intentions.”

She had been humiliated, but all of this was a misunderstanding after all. She didn’t want to ruin the rest of someone else’s life because of this.

Everyone had difficulties that they couldn’t speak of, and as long as they were punished accordingly when they made mistakes and changed for the better, it was good enough. There was no reason to push anyone into a dead end.

Thomas Reid was filled with admiration when he heard this.

He nodded, “Madam Palmer is extremely magnanimous, and I really respect that. I will listen to what you have said.”

Then he turned to the branch manager, who took out a gold card.

“This is the VIP card of Greencliff Bank, with five million inside. This is our way of apology to you, Madam Palmer, please accept it!”

Before April could reject it, all of them bowed low and pleaded, “Please accept this, and give us a chance to become better!”

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