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Chapter 202


“I’ll move over a little.”

Ethan’s eyes looked at Diane with great anticipation.

Diane took a deep breath and tucked herself into the blanket. She immediately felt a warmth surround her because the blanket was so nice and warm.

“You…you are not allowed to move.”

Ethan nodded. “I won’t touch you.”

Diane stiffened for a long while and realized that Ethan really didn’t move. He was like a statue and didn’t shift at all, but her face was still red.

They were husband and wife and she was slowly accepting Ethan and even relied a lot on Ethan. But she still felt it was too fast to advance to that stage.

They only knew each other for three months after all.

“Are you still cold?” She couldn’t help asking when she turned her head to see that Ethan was still shivering slightly.

“A little,” replied Ethan quietly.

If those enemies of his in the past found out that this man who was stronger than a bull was afraid of the cold, their jaws would probably drop in shock.

“Then…then you can move in a little.”

Diane’s voice was even softer now, like a little mosquito fluttering its wings. She decided that she needed to get a thicker blanket soon.

Ethan inched inwards and the two of them were right next to one another.

Diane’s face became even redder when she could smell his manly scent.

She was even more nervous now.

“Go to bed.”

Ethan didn’t do anything more intimate. They just lay back to back and close to each other so that the blanket could cover them both fully.

He could even feel that Diane’s heart was beating very quickly.

“This silly girl, is she afraid that I can’t control myself?” wondered Ethan in his heart. “I wish!”

This shy and nervous Diane was simply too alluring!

Diane had no idea when she fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning, Ethan was already eating breakfast at the table.

She glanced at Ethan but there was no change on his face. But when she thought about how close they were the night before, Diane’s face instantly turned red.

“Diane, why’s your face so red? Are you having a fever?” asked April out of concern. She reached out to touch Diane’s forehead but Diane immediately dodged her hand.


Diane immediately ran off into the bathroom.

“Why is her face so red first thing in the morning?” April was amused. “Ethan, do you know anything?”


Ethan continued to eat his breakfast with a straight face.


While Ethan was feeling all amused and eating his breakfast quietly, Fairbanks seemed to have gone through an earthquake. The entire illegal circle was completely shocked.

Those who hadn’t sent their men out yet couldn’t help but gasp in horror and feel their back covered in cold sweat after hearing this information.

“They all got beaten up? Wesley Allen and the rest all got beaten up?”

“That’s right! Apparently they hadn’t even set foot into Greencliff yet and their arms and legs were broken and they were thrown out!”

“On top of that, each boss had to pay $50 million to make up for making those people work during their rest time.”

There was silence.

Complete silence.

Then there was fear in the air.

Those 300 men were the best men that those five bosses had. Their limbs had been broken before they could even step into Greencliff?

And the other side only had thirty people?

What the hell was going on?!

Hadn’t Master Rane already confirmed that Greencliff had no sign of the north? Where did so many highly skilled fighters come from?

Did Master Rane set this up as a trap for them to fall into?

There was no reason for him to do that. His top killer, Broken Sword, was enough to make all of them fear for their lives. So what was really going on?

Greencliff seemed to be covered in a layer of fog and nobody could see it clearly. They were all raring to go earlier, but now they didn’t dare to. They wouldn’t bet their lives on it.

Not just them – even Master Rane couldn’t see through the fog.

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