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Chapter 201

Brother Geoff and the other wolves hadn’t gone completely crazy just because they were too excited. They did leave some men behind to drive their cars away.

As for the rest, they either had broken arms or broken legs, and were all stuffed into their cars like trash.

As Ethan watched them drive off in a great hurry, he waved and said, “Hope to see you again!”

Who would still dare to come here?

Wesley Allen and the rest drove as quickly as they could and couldn’t wait to go as far away as possible from Ethan and the rest of his demons!

These people had come all the way from Fairbanks, but before they could even set foot into Greencliff, all their men were down and all the bosses lost $50 million each.

They had come here to earn more money, but before they could even step past the boundary marker of Greencliff, they had lost both people and money.

They hadn’t just lost money. All their best men had broken arms and legs, so they were now in a terrible position. If the other bosses in Fairbanks found out that they were in such a poor condition, it would spell disaster for them.

It was a humiliation!

A great insult!

But who would dare to spread this news?

They had to keep what happened that night a secret, otherwise they would face attacks from others within the illegal circles. They might lose their territory or worse, lose their lives if that happened.

For Ethan’s side, this was a great victory.

Brother Geoff and the wolves were still very excited. They knew very well how terrifying the training Ethan set up for them really was.

Two months ago, they would never have imagined that thirty men could bring down more than three hundred men.

And now they could feel that they still weren’t at their maximum yet.

Ethan was now their god!

“So we’ve earned a bridge and three roads. We should be grateful to these bosses.”

Ethan left instructions with Brother Geoff and got him to bring the rest back to rest while he went home himself.

This was nothing to Ethan.

It was just a small fight.

It was nearly 11PM by the time he got home. Diane had just reached home after work too.

She had bathed and changed into cotton pajamas with a Mickey Mouse design in the front, but she was still looking at company reports.

When she heard Ethan come home, she turned around. “Why are you back so late today?”

“Worried about me?” Ethan laughed. “I thought you might be hungry, so I went around to see what yummy food I could buy for you.”

Diane raised an eyebrow. “And where’s the yummy food?”

“Mum says eating supper is bad for your stomach, so I have to listen to what she says,” Ethan said with a straight face. “I’m going to bathe.”

Before she could say anything, Ethan had run off already.

She knew this fellow was lying to her.

But she couldn’t be bothered and went back to reading her reports.

After bathing, Ethan blow dried his hair and climbed onto the bed very naturally. He tucked himself into the blanket and left only his head out to stare at Diane, who was still busy working.

“Wifey…time to sleep.”


Diane didn’t turn back.

“Wifey, staying up late is bad for your skin.”

“Hmm?” Diane turned to stare at him and her face instantly reddened. “Why…why are you in my bed?!”

She suddenly felt that her voice was very loud, so she quickly dropped her voice at the last part of the sentence, afraid that her parents would overhear her.

“It’s very cold sleeping on the floor,” Ethan put on a pitiful expression. “The bed is much warmer. I’ve already warmed the bed for you, so quickly go to bed.”

Diane’s face was all red and her heart was racing. She didn’t know what to say and she didn’t even dare to look at Ethan now.

Was this guy…up to something?

She glanced at the time and saw that it was nearly midnight. It was true that she shouldn’t stay up so late.

She turned off the lights and quietly walked over to the bed. She pursed her lips as she saw that Ethan had taken up half the space. If she slept next to him, their bodies would inevitably touch each other…

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