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Chapter 200

We were talking about more than 300 men here, mind you. Besides those who were left to drive the cars, the rest all had broken arms and legs. They could only howl in pain on the ground and could dream on about standing up.

But the wolves were only panting. Some of them were bleeding, but there was excitement in their eyes. Looking at the eyes in the dark was like looking upon terrifying and vicious wolves!

“How’s it? Do the five of you think this cake called Greencliff is tasty?”

Ethan threw his cigarette butt away and walked over to look down at Wesley Allen and the other bosses.

He wasn’t interested in making a move at all. These types of ants didn’t require this God of War here to do anything.

Wesley Allen’s mouth was filled with blood. His entire body was shaking and he was truly fearful.

He couldn’t imagine trying to eat this cake.

They hadn’t even stepped into Greencliff but they had already been beaten to a pulp!

If they really stepped in, they would probably vanish without a trace.

“You…you are challenging all of Fairbanks’s illegal circle, are you tired of…AHHH!”

Before Danny Hogan could finish speaking, Ethan stepped on his face and his jaw was bent out of shape.

“Geoff, slap his mouth.”

“Got it!”

Brother Geoff hadn’t gotten enough yet. He pulled Danny Hogan up and slapped him ten times consecutively. Danny Hogan’s mouth was instantly filled with blood and wasn’t left with a single tooth.

Brother Geoff glared fiercely at him. “If you dare to be disrespectful to my Big Boss again, I’m going to cut your tongue off!”

Danny Hogan was trembling all over and his face paled. He didn’t dare to say anymore as he just obediently knelt on the ground. He was so terrified that he didn’t even dare to lift his head to look at Ethan.

This guy was the devil himself!

He hadn’t done anything, but Brother Geoff and the other men who worked under him were way too frightening.

With such a powerful bunch in Greencliff, it was little wonder that they dared to kill Ray Lewis.

Who could stand in their way?!

“I said so earlier, thank you for coming to Greencliff to make an investment and to contribute to Greencliff’s infrastructure.”

Ethan looked around him. “So now, I present an opportunity before you. I have a shortfall in building a bridge and fixing three roads. Think about it and tell me, how much do you want to contribute?”

“You can forget about…” one of the bosses clenched his teeth and snarled. “…forget about taking a single cent from us, you…AHHH!”

Brother Geoff wasn’t going to let him finish saying such nonsense. He threw a punch and knocked out the other man’s front teeth.

“Strip them!” Brother Geoff roared. Some of them went forward and stripped these so called bosses of the illegal circles of all their clothes.

It was night time in April, so it was pretty cold. The moment the wind blew past, the five of them instantly shivered even more violently than before.

There was nobody among their men who could still stand up to help them now. And even if they could stand, who dared to save them?

Who dared to interfere?

Those who still had teeth were chattering away. Those who didn’t have anymore teeth were shaking with tears and mucus streaming down their faces.

“You…” Wesley Allen didn’t speak very clearly anymore. “Aren’t you afraid of offending all the illegal circles in the state of Riverport?”

“Not at all.” Ethan yawned. I don’t have that much time to keep you guys company. I’ll give you another hour. If you don’t give me any answer, then I’ll decide for you.”

“Big Boss, we’ve dug the hole in the mountain over there.”

This one statement from Number 2 made Wesley Allen and the rest feel their hair stand on end from fright.

Ethan was going to bury them alive!

“Boss, give him the money! Give him the money!” Nicolas was really terrified now. He knew how vicious Ethan could be. “He really dares to do what he says! He really does!”

Wesley Allen was furious and really wanted to slap Nicolas right now. If Nicolas hadn’t insisted that he make a move immediately, he wouldn’t be in this state now.

He had his reservations because Greencliff was too mysterious and too frightening, but Nicolas kept pushing him to come here. And in the end?

What a great humiliation he had suffered!

“$30 million!” Wesley Allen replied through clenched teeth.

“Oh no, you have to give $50 million,” Ethan shook his head. “Enough said. There are five of you here, so $50 million each!”

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