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Chapter 20

“He was just doing his job, no need to punish him,” Ethan spoke up.

Brother Geoff immediately clasped his hands together and hurried replied, “Thank you Big Boss! Thank you Big Boss for your forgiveness, Little Geoff here will work hard from now on!”

He was worried that if Ethan got angry, he would get thrown down from here!

Looks like this Big Boss stuck to his principles.

“Big Boss, if you want to eat here, just tell me, why bother with reservations?”

Tom Foster smiled as he said this, then waved his hand and Brother Geoff left with the other men.

He turned and told the receptionists, “Tell all the other guests to leave. Their meals today are all free, don’t let them interrupt my boss from having a meal.”

The receptionists were all stunned into silence. They had never seen Tom Foster treat anybody so politely before.

“Ethan.” The receptionists were about to inform the guests when April spoke up. “Don’t do this, everyone just wants to have a nice meal, it’s not nice to chase them away.”

“Heard what my mum said?” Ethan asked with a nod.

“Oh yes yes, Auntie is right. I’m such a mess, I hope Auntie won’t take it to heart.”

Tom Foster then immediately suggested, “Let’s go to my personal room then?”

Ethan didn’t object, so he led the way personally and brought them to a luxurious room.

This room was used only by himself, and nobody else was allowed to.

But since Ethan was here, he wanted to give nothing but the best to Ethan.

William and April couldn’t help but gasp at this room that was even bigger than their own house.

And the fittings in here definitely cost a bomb!

How was Ethan of such high standing?

“One of all the best dishes we have!” Tom Foster instructed.

“Uncle, what would you like to drink?”

William froze. He knew the drinks here were expensive, so he quickly waved his hands. “I’ll just have water.”

“That won’t do. You’ve come to my place, and it will be terrible if I don’t take good care of you.”

He sent out another instruction to get the best Maotai.

Tom Foster could tell from the strange expressions on William and April that they were very curious about how he was connected to Ethan.

“Uncle, Auntie, don’t stand on ceremony. I know Big Boss from a long time back.”

He explained, “Back then we were both homeless and I nearly died from hunger on the streets. If not for that half a bun that Big Boss gave me, there will be no Tom Foster today!”

“So don’t stand on ceremony with me at all. This restaurant is as good as Big Boss’ restaurant. Anytime you want to come, just come. I’ll leave this room for your personal use, and everything you eat here will always be free!”

William and April were even more stunned.


This meal would cost several thousand dollars. It was free just because he said so?

William immediately recognized that bottle of Maotai that the waiter brought in. Just this bottle alone cost a bomb!


Both husband and wife didn’t know how to react. They didn’t even know how they should reject this.

“Dad, Mum, don’t worry about it, he’s a brother to me.”

Tom Foster was so happy he could fly!

Did you hear that?

Big Boss said he was a brother to him!

What an honor and privilege!

“Alright, go back to what you were doing,” Ethan calmly said.

“Sure sure. Big Boss, Boss Diane, Uncle, Auntie, take your time to eat. Feel free to order anything!”

Tom Foster politely excused himself and closed the door behind him.

It was silence in the room.

William and April were so shocked they felt numb from it.

This new son-in-law had sent shock after shock.

“Ethan, you fellow brothers in the Beggars’ Sect are really close huh,” Diane pouted.

She wasn’t stupid. She could tell that Tom Foster and Ethan didn’t behave like brothers. Tom Foster was obvious respectful and fearful of Ethan!

“My wife is so clever.”

Ethan wasn’t going to tell her that everything that Tom Foster had now was given by him. As long as Tom Foster did a good job, he would be able to have even more. So much that he wouldn’t believe it!

“Dad, Mum, don’t just sit there, eat something,” Ethan said with a smile.

But William and April still didn’t move.

They continued to just sit there, and even became more reserved than before.

All of this was too unreal and too shocking.

They could see clearly that Ethan wasn’t any ordinary man. But this was more extraordinary than they had imagined.

After a long time, April looked at Ethan and asked, “Are you very rich?”

Ethan nodded.

“Compared to CEO Foster?”

“He can’t be compared to me at all.” Ethan did not attempt to hide this.

April didn’t ask anymore.

“Are you good at fighting?”

It was Diane’s turn to ask.

“I know a bit of martial arts.”

“Compared to the team leader of the Palmer Group security team?”

Diane knew that the team leader was a highly skilled man who had retired from the army. He had no problem taking on five people by himself.

Ethan didn’t say anything, but laughed lightly. There was disdain in that laugh.

Diane immediately understood.

“My legs, can they really be treated?”

The last question came from William.

This was the question he was most concerned about.

“Yes, I guarantee you!” Ethan solemnly replied.

Anyone who knew him would know that these words were of tremendous value!

William took a deep breath, his eyes turning red as he looked at Ethan seriously. Then he picked up the liquor on the table, pouring a glass for himself, then tried to pour one for Ethan.

Ethan hurriedly took the bottle from him to pour his own glass.

“I don’t know what else to say. But this glass is for you! No matter whether I can really be treated or not, I’m grateful for just these words!”

William never drank much, but he lifted the glass with both hands and drank it down in one gulp.

April didn’t stop him. She knew how much her husband wanted to be able to stand again.

Ethan also downed his glass, then poured a glass for both William and April.

“This one is for Dad and Mum.”

Ethan continued seriously, “If both of you didn’t bring up such a wonderful girl like Diane, I would not be here today.”

He downed his glass after saying that.

William and April exchanged glasses but didn’t say anything and downed their glass.

After two glasses of liquor, the atmosphere wasn’t so tense anymore. William started talking more, and started drinking excitedly.

April and Diane tried to stop him a couple of times but finally gave up. It was rare that William could put aside his worries, so they let him take this time to really relax.

The two men were chatting very happily.

April and Diane watched Ethan and William drink and chat, and suddenly felt like this scene in front of them was very heartwarming. But Ethan wasn’t really their son-in-law.

Before, they felt that Ethan wasn’t good enough for Diane, so they were angry and upset.

But now, after understanding more about Ethan, they knew. They weren’t good enough for Ethan.

“Ethan, I know you’re very rich, but I hope that you won’t simply spend money on us.”

April smiled as she said this. “These are all favors we owe you but we really can afford to return it.”

Her voice did not blame him or mock him, but sounded a little helpless.

They were not a greedy family.

Ethan looked up at April and understood what she was getting at. He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to get this family to accept him so quickly.

He laughed. “I’ve been an orphan since young. I had no home, so I’ve never eaten home cooked food before. Now I finally have a home, so I’m very happy. As long as Mum and Dad don’t chase me out, I’ll listen to anything you say.”

“You’re an orphan?” April suddenly felt a strong tug at her heart.

“He’s an orphan, otherwise he wouldn’t be homeless,” said Diane.

April suddenly felt her heart go out to him.

No wonder Ethan loved eating home cooked meals. He must have suffered so much pain and injustice to become so rich today.

He didn’t have parents by his side since he was young and had to bear everything on his own. Just thinking about it made her heart ache.

“Even if you’re not my son-in-law, you’re still a kind child,” said April, her eyes turning red with tears.

“If you don’t mind that my house is small, then stay here first. One day if you find a better place, then you can go!”

“Let’s drink!”

William raised his glass.

Ethan also raised his glass. He could sense that this family had started to change their attitude towards him.

He knew that Diane and family were not greedy people. In fact they were the complete opposite. They were extremely kind and naïve, and were definitely worth protecting.

There was only one thing that April got wrong. Ethan had no intention of leaving at all. This was his home!

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