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Chapter 2

When she heard this voice, Diane trembled a little.

She looked up at Gerald who was standing in front. This grandpa had never seemed concerned about her since she was born.

Gerald never even looked at her when she was born, because she was a girl.

Now he was going to choose her husband and make a decision that would affect the rest of her life.

Diane breathed heavily. She was angry and frustrated and she opened her mouth to protest, but suddenly she saw William seated on his wheelchair shaking his head at her, begging her with his eyes.

So she didn’t say anything.

“Ladies and gentlemen, after a selection process by our family, among the ten wonderful applicants, we have chosen the best one to be Diane’s husband. I hope everyone here will bless the new couple!”

With that, everyone applauded.

To Diane, this applause was mocking her. Or even pitying her.

Her eyes were turning red, and she struggled to keep her tears from rolling down.

“Dad, this is the man.”

Steven took out a beautifully designed card and passed it to Gerald. The name of their final choice was written on it.

They had checked carefully already. This guy had no background to speak of, an orphan, over thirty years old, poorly educated, uncultured, no skills and was homeless – you could say he could be considered a completely useless man.

And he even suffered intermittent bouts of insanity.

They heard that it was hereditary!

If so, then after this man married Diane, on top of cutting the family business off from Diane, even her children could forget about taking a single cent from the Palmers!

Steven looked at Diane and family seated in one area, and there was a moment of glee on his face.

“Now I would like to announce our final choice!”

Gerald was far-sighted and couldn’t see clearly, so he narrowed his eyes and looked carefully at the card before announcing, “It’s this lucky young man, Ethan Hunt!”

The moment the name was announced, everybody turned to look at the back door of the hotel.

He was marrying into the family, so of course he could only walk in from the back door.

The back door opened and a young man walked in.

William and his wife couldn’t bear to look.

They knew that Steven would definitely choose the worst man to be Diane’s husband.

But Diane turned to look. She wanted to see who would become her husband.

Ethan looked up and met her eyes, but neither said anything.

He walked right across the hall and everyone was looking at him. Strangely the expression on his face seemed mocking, as well as somewhat malicious.

“Ethan, congratulations for making it as Diane’s husband and marrying into the Palmer family.”

Steven added on, “You don’t have to thank us, we just hope that you will take good care of Diane.”

To him, Ethan should be eternally grateful to the Palmers for giving a homeless orphan like him a home.

Steven walked over to Diane and gently took her hand, his face full of care and concern.

“Come along, Diane.”

He took Diane’s hand and brought her in front of Ethan, then placed her hand on Ethan’s hand.

All the guests started clapping again when they saw this, as if they were attending a blissful engagement ceremony.

But William and family knew that everyone was just laughing at them!

By tomorrow, all of Greencliff would know that a man had married into the Palmer family as Diane’s husband, and it was going to be the talk of the town.

Diane’s mind went blank, as if she had been completely emptied out.

She couldn’t seem to hear or see anymore, and didn’t even know what time the banquet ended.

Once the banquet ended, April immediately left crying, while William quickly rolled his wheelchair along after her.

At the hotel entrance, a cold wind blew on her face and Diane came to her senses.

She looked at Ethan who was standing next to her. Her face was expressionless, but her voice was hoarse.

“Uncle, I don’t blame you.”

She quietly continued, “You are to be pitied too.”

Ethan was ten years older than her, so it seemed appropriate to call him Uncle instead.

Ethan didn’t say anything.

He hadn’t said a word all day.

The person in front of him was that little girl from fifteen years ago. She was still as kind as ever.

She tolerated this situation and suffered this sort of bullying just so that her parents could live happily.

“Oho, my dear cousin, congratulations!”

Suddenly a man walked out from the entrance and smiled with his hands clasped together as he smiled, “Congrats on getting such an outstanding husband!”

He purposely emphasized the word ‘outstanding’, and said it with great sarcasm.

Diane frowned and bit her lips. She looked at Archie Palmer and clenched her fists.

“My dad and the family worked hard over your marriage,” Archie sighed as he said. “Well now that it’s all settled and you’ve found someone, my uncle can be at peace too.”

He didn’t care about Diane going pale in the face and turned to throw a glance at Ethan.

This useless man was found by his father, Steven. When he thought about the information they had on him, he couldn’t resist laughing.

So a man could be this useless.

“To my new cousin-in-law: now that you’ve married into the Palmers, you’d better be nice to my cousin here,” Archie gleefully continued. “Quickly have kids ok? It will make Grandpa happy too.”

“No matter what your kid looks like, or even if you give birth to a retarded one, the Palmers can afford to raise him.”

Diane couldn’t stand it anymore. “Archie, are you quite done!”

“Diane, I’m just giving my blessings to you guys,” Archie replied. “Grandpa also said that he hopes that you guys will have kids soon. I think you’ll complete this mission tonight.”

If they really had a retarded kid, that would be even funnier.


Diane lifted a hand and Archie’s face immediately darkened.

“What, you want to hit me?”

Diane bit her lips, angry and indignant.

If she dared to hit the eldest grandson of the Palmers, then tomorrow her family would be chased out of the family!

To her grandfather, only grandsons were Palmer family members. She…was not eligible.

Archie became even more gleeful when he saw Diane put her hand down.

Since they were young, only he got to bully Diane. Diane could only dream about taking advantage of him.

“I’m doing this for your own good, but you don’t appreciate my good intentions,” Archie purposely sighed loudly, “Your father has been paralyzed for so many years, and your family would have starved to death long ago if the Palmer family didn’t support you. Now we’ve taken so much effort to find you a husband and you’re not just ungrateful but you also want to hit me. If Grandpa knows you tried to hit me, the consequences…”

Diane started shaking.

She looked at Archie with great fury – how could a person be this shameless!

She turned to leave, but Archie blocked her way again.

“Diane, this is Grandpa’s decision. If you’re not happy, go tell him.”

Diane started crying from her indignation and her anger had been pushed to its limit.

“What do you want to do?”

Ethan suddenly broke his silence.

Diane lifted her head and looked at Ethan, and blurted out, “I want to give him a tight slap!”

She had just finished talking and there was a loud sound of a slap. Archie held his face as he collapsed on the ground, and he didn’t even have time to shout.

He only managed to react when he felt a burning sensation coming from his face. He was the one who got slapped!

It was Ethan who slapped him!

Archie was stunned, and so was Diane.

Ethan dared to hit Archie?

He was just a man who married into the family!


Diane’s face paled immediately from fright.

Archie was going to kill Ethan!

“Why did you listen to me?” Diane murmured.

“That’s because you’re my wife now,” replied Ethan.

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