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Chapter 199

“Yes Big Boss!”

Brother Geoff and the rest gave a loud shout in excitement.

Their eyes glowed murderously in this dark night like a pack of vicious wolves.

Wesley Allen and the rest were even angrier when they saw how Brother Geoff and the rest actually dared to attack back.

Thirty against 300 was way too audacious, and way too overconfident!

“Kill them all!”

The bosses roared together and didn’t bother being polite. “Don’t leave a single one alive!”

In an instant, roars filled the night sky as 300 odd men raised their bats and sticks and rushed towards Brother Geoff and the rest.

They had no idea that these wolves were even more excited than them!

There was barely even time to see Brother Geoff’s face. He threw a punch that was as quick as lightning. To him, the fellow standing in front of him was practically standing still, and was even easier to hit compared to those moving wooden beams at their countryside training facility.

His punch landed hard, and sent that fellow flying more than 30 feet out.

That was way too terrifying!

But Brother Geoff became even more excited.

“Brothers, fucking kill them all!”

It was as if a pack of wolves had dashed into a flock of sheep.

The thirty of them had reached the peak of their excitement. Number 3 had come back late from driving William around, and he was even more excited to join in the fun.


It was impossible to fight these fists of iron.

Everyone was all pumped up and showed no mercy.

They were too fast!

They were too fierce!

Their strength, speed and agility had completely surpassed the other party. The moment they started, Wesley Allen and the other bosses realized something wasn’t quite right.


“My arm!”


The tables seemed to have turned in an instant.

Wesley Allen was completely shocked. “How are they so strong?!”

He watched as one of them grabbed Gus Thompson, broke his arm and flung him several yards out. Were these men even human?!

Before he could react, another fist smashed down like a meteorite. The dagger in Wesley Allen’s hand hadn’t managed to make a counterattack when he was sent flying and a few teeth fell out as a result.

“AHH!” he howled loudly. “Beat them to death! Kill them all!”

Damn this fellows!

But Brother Geoff and the other wolves were way too ferocious.

Those bats and sticks on hitting down on their bodies were nothing compared to being hit by those wooden pillars in their training course. They just felt like tickles.

They became even more excited!

The feeling of being powerful made them extremely excited.

They howled and roared like wolves. All thirty of them had gone insane now!

They continued to beat up the other party. It was thirty against more than three hundred. They were ferocious, violent and merciless!

Nicolas wanted to take this chance to take revenge and kill Ethan. But he couldn’t even get close to Ethan, never mind try to touch him.

Brother Geoff blocked his way. “You’re not fit to fight with Big Boss! I’m gonna do you in today!”

In no time, Nicolas was lying on the ground. His limbs had just healed up and they were broken by Brother Geoff again. He had been flung onto the ground like a dead dog and was left there to howl miserably.

Ethan continued leaning against the door. A gust of wind blew past and some of the ash on his cigarette was blown away.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at his watch.

“It’s been five minutes.”

Brother Geoff and the rest became angry when they heard this. It had been five minutes already but they still hadn’t finished off all these bastards!

They instantly became even wilder than before.

After that, all that was heard were a series of bloodcurling screams, men shouting for their fathers and mothers, pleas for mercy and attempts to escape…

By the time Ethan finished his cigarette, there was nobody left standing on this highway except for Brother Geoff and the other wolves.

All the bosses with Wesley Allen were sprawled on the ground and were trembling.

They had never seen such terrifying people in their lives!

Greencliff was too scary. How was it so scary?

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