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Chapter 198

It was late at night and there weren’t many cars on the highway. But the whole team of bosses and their men coming from Fairbanks looked fairly frightening.

Suddenly, the car right in front honked, and the rest of the cars behind immediately slowed down.

There was a road block in front, and there were red lights flashing.

All the cars stopped and many of them got out of the car to take a look. But suddenly a lot of car headlights turned on at the same time and lit up both sides of the highway.

There were a lot of people standing in this empty area, and the person leading the pack was Brother Geoff!

Ethan had lit a cigarette in one of the cars and only put it out when he saw that the men from Fairbanks had arrived. He exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said, “They’re so late.”

Wesley Allen and the rest were shocked to see this. There were actually people here waiting for them!

Did the men in Greencliff know they were coming?

“Get out of the car!” Wesley Allen shouted loudly and all his men got out of their cars.

The rest of the bosses gave the same instruction, and soon there were more than 300 men standing together and looked rather imposing.

Wesley Allen and the other bosses walked right in front. There was disdain and murder written all over the faces.

“How dare you block us like that! Are all of you tired of living?!”

Danny Hogan led the way since he brought the most number of men along and was the most powerful among them now. “Who’s behind all this crap, get your ass here right now!”

Brother Geoff didn’t say anything. He just pulled the car door open and Ethan walked out.

Nicolas instantly narrowed his eyes as rays of deep hatred shot out from them. He couldn’t wait to just kill Ethan right now!

“Welcome, welcome, bosses of the illegal circle of Fairbanks. Thank you for investing in Greencliff,” said Ethan calmly. “You’ve taken so long to come, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Who the hell are you?” Danny Hogan scoffed coldly. “Tom Foster isn’t around, so you think any Tom, Dick and Harry has the right to talk to me now?”

“How dare you!”

Brother Geoff instantly looked murderous. How dare this man talk to his Big Boss like that! Was he tired of living?!

“Geoff, we have to be polite to our guests. Since they’re here to give Greencliff money, we should show our appreciation.”

“Yes, Big Boss.”

Brother Geoff knew Ethan wasn’t a polite person at all when it came to things like that. He had checked with the relevant governmental department and found out that Greencliff had one more bridge and three more roads to fix, and the shortfall was $200 million, so they were going to get it from these guys that very night.

Looks like he had to force himself to be a little nicer to them.

“Big Boss?”

Wesley Allen and the rest had a change in their expression.

“You’re Ethan Hunt?” Wesley Allen immediately asked in a cold voice after Nicolas nodded.

“That’s me.”

“Tsk, I thought you’d be some monster with some amazing strength. But you don’t look like much to me,” laughed Wesley Allen coldly. “You can see for yourself how many people we’ve brought along. You’ve only got like thirty men and you want to block us?”

“I’d advise you not to lose your lives over this. Hand over the illegal circle of Greencliff and we can consider sparing your lives. Otherwise…humph!”

All the other bosses also looked down at them with contempt. They thought that they had been ambushed, but in the end the other side only had thirty people or so. Did Ethan think his side could take down all 300 odd men on the other side?

“Boss, I want to kill this guy off myself later!” whispered Nicolas.

The rest were beginning to get restless. If they could get rid of these guys before even entering Greencliff, then everything was going to be easier to handle.

If they had known it was going to be so simple, they would have been anxious for so long, neither would they have waited for so long. And they wouldn’t have teamed up either.

Ethan looked at them and suddenly laughed.

“Are you guys so eager to die?”

“Enough of all this nonsense! Come on, boys, kill them now! Greencliff’s our cake!”

Danny Hogan didn’t have so much patience. He gave a loud shout and everyone behind him dashed forward.

Ethan didn’t move. He just leaned against the car door and lit another cigarette as he looked at the crowd coming towards them with narrowed eyes.


“Yes, Big Boss.”

“Leave a few to drive.”

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