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Chapter 197

He had lost $60 million in just two days!

That was all actual money!

Gentry’s heart was bleeding.

His phone started ringing. Hank Price had called to ask why the family had suddenly made such huge losses.

“Dad, I miscalculated,” Gentry was fairly vexed over this as well. “I’ve underestimated that bastard’s ability, so we have to take a step back and plan this properly.”

Hank Price had handed this mission over to Gentry and he knew that it wasn’t easy to go up against the Palmer family of Greencliff. In the past, he himself wouldn’t have cared about a third tier family in Greencliff either.

But now Palmer Group was fast becoming a huge entity!

“Just go ahead and do what you have to! If you need anything, let me know.”

Hank Price then hung up.

He said this to comfort Gentry, but it made Gentry feel even more uncomfortable.

Did he really have to take everything the Price family had to deal with Ethan and the Palmer family?

“Young Master Price, what do we do now?”

His men didn’t know what to do. They had already lost so much, so if they went on, they would only lose even more.

“Stop for the moment,” replied Gentry. “We need to find a more suitable opportunity to deal Palmer Group a fatal blow when they’ve let their guard down!”

Wasn’t Palmer Group going to expand into Fairbanks? Gentry was going to wait till they entered Fairbanks’s market, since Fairbanks was his territory and it would be easier to deal with them. It was indeed too difficult to attack the company while they were still in Greencliff.

“Looks like I’ve got to contact the Stewart family. Both families have to join hands and teach Palmer Group a hard lesson in Fairbanks!”


While Gentry was plotting his next move, Wesley Allen and the rest were already headed for Greencliff.

There were five bosses coming together from Fairbanks. Besides Wesley Allen, the other four were also unable to sit still anymore.

Everyone was cooperative because they knew that if they came in by themselves, they would suffer great losses even if they managed to get some territory. If that happened, the other bosses would quickly swoop in and take everything else while they were still recovering.

They were all cunning people, so nobody was going to suffer this sort of loss.

So since everyone knew what each other was thinking about, they decided to make their move together and encircle Greencliff. They would talk about how to split the cake after taking down Greencliff.

After all, Greencliff’s geographical location was great. Master Rane told them before that they were not to snatch territories that belonged to other people. But Greencliff’s illegal circle had nobody in charge now.

If they missed this chance, they didn’t know when they’d get another!

They could share the profits and lower their risk and damage, so why not?

There were at least twenty or thirty cars driving along the highway and making their way towards Greencliff.

“Danny Hogan has brought quite a number of skilled fighters. Thirty of them – they’re all his most vicious men,” said Gus Thompson. “Looks like he wants to fight for a bigger slice of the cake.”

“No problem. It’s such a large cake. Even if you get a small piece, you still profit.”

Wesley Allen wasn’t worried about this. He was more worried about whether they could really take down Greencliff’s illegal circle.

For some reason, the closer they got to Greencliff, the more uneasy he felt inside. Greencliff seemed to be like a wild beast that had just woken up from its slumber and had its mouth wide open now. If anyone got swallowed up by that mouth, you wouldn’t even find his corpse.

“Humph! This time I’m going to watch Ethan die!” Nicolas smiled maliciously. “After he dies, I’m going to kill William and his family too! How dare he pretend to look after my father! He’s just putting on an act to make everyone think he’s some philanthropist. William, I never knew you were such a hypocrite before!”

William taking Gerald back to his home was old news already, but Nicolas refused to believe it.

He just felt that William was using Gerald to boost his reputation.

He was going to take revenge on Ethan for breaking his limbs!

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