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Chapter 196

“Got it!” Brother Geoff immediately replied excitedly.

This was one of the reasons why they respected Ethan.

Ethan never lacked money, and he was willing to take the money from those wicked men and contribute to Greencliff’s infrastructure.

Brother Geoff and the rest felt like they were Robin Hoods now, robbing the rich to help the poor! Oh that wasn’t right – it was robbing the wicked to help the poor!

“Also, run a check with the Department of Infrastructure. Ask them how many projects in Greencliff had to stop because of cashflow issues, and check how much the shortfall is.”

Ethan stroked his chin. “I believe there are many people in Fairbanks trying to throw money at us.”

Brother Geoff was nearly in tears from excitement.

This was the career of their lives!

“Since they want a part of Greencliff, then they should contribute to Greencliff first,” said Ethan calmly.

The news soon reached Fairbanks. Wesley Allen and the rest had just decided on how to act.

“Len Spivey has disappeared?”

“That’s right. I heard that he went to Greencliff early, but he’s disappeared along with all his best men.” Gus Thompson didn’t look too good. “Also, pretty much all of Len Spivey’s assets have been liquidated. They were liquidated in an extremely short time, so more than $80 million is gone.”

There was silence in the room.

Wesley Allen and Nicolas were discussing where to start from. But this news wasn’t good news to them at all.

“I’ll believe it if I see it!” said Wesley Allen after a long time. “If I don’t see Len Spivey, I won’t believe anything about whether he’s dead or alive. Don’t tell me Greencliff is a whirlpool and can swallow everyone up?”

Master Rane had already told them that Greencliff had no sign of the north, so they didn’t have to worry about anything.

All the bosses in Fairbanks were going to make their attack together and encircle everything that Tom Foster had at the same time. The moment they took Tom Foster down, Greencliff was going to become a cake for everyone to share.

As for who got how much, they would talk about it after taking Greencliff down.

“How’s the situation with the other bosses?”

“Some of them have already started making their move!” Gus Thompson was very well informed. “Boss, I still feel that something’s wrong.”

“Tom Foster has chosen this time to suddenly leave, so I feel like they’re purposely luring us into Greencliff.” He gulped and glanced at Nicolas’ leg. “In Greencliff, the really scary one isn’t Tom Foster, it’s Ethan Hunt…”

Nicolas’ expression darkened when he heard Ethan’s name. He couldn’t take this lying down.

No matter how powerful Ethan was, he was still going to die if he was completely surrounded.

“Gus Thompson, you’re really becoming more and more cowardly! As long as they don’t have any backing from the north, then what’s the use of just knowing how to fight? We have more people than them and our men are stronger!” Nicolas was indignant as he clenched his teeth. “Boss, don’t hesitate any longer. If we get into Greencliff earlier, we can get much more! If we’re too late, we won’t get anything!”

“Let’s go!”

Wesley Allen clenched his teeth and gave orders. Soon, nearly a hundred men moved out of Fairbanks with great fanfare and made their way towards Greencliff.

Meanwhile, after Gentry found out about how Len Spivey had completely vanished, he felt like he had just fallen from a great height and he was covered in cold sweat.

Len Spivey had just told him not too long ago that Greencliff wasn’t that scary. But Len Spivey had just disappeared shortly after that, and all his assets had been liquidated – he had vanished without a trace!

“Young Master Price, our companies have lost to Palmer Group, and we’ve made terrible losses. Palmer Group is too powerful and they’re taking us down!”

“We’ve lost a lot! We’ve lost $60 million!”

Gentry felt like his heart was bleeding. Len Spivey had gone missing, while he had to pull out of Greencliff after being all beaten up and suffering such great losses.

What on earth was going on?

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