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Chapter 195

Len Spivey was anxious and angry at the same time. He could tell that Ethan really dared to do what he said.

Ray Lewis was backed by the north, but he had just killed Ray Lewis off without the slightest bit of mercy.

Len Spivey was really panicking now. He never imagined that there could be such a scary person in Greencliff. What the heck was Tom Foster now?

He suddenly shuddered violently. Did Tom Foster leave in such high fashion on purpose?

It was to make the people in Fairbanks let their guard down and enter Greencliff?

“It’s been one minute, so it’s now $85 million. Not a single cent less.”

Ethan just looked down at his watch and didn’t care about Len Spivey.

“You’ll keep your promise?” Len Spivey felt his heart suddenly tighten. “If I pay up, you won’t come back to make trouble for me?”

“Of course. I’m a man of my word.”

Ethan cast a glance at him. “Another twenty seconds have passed.”

Bloody hell, isn’t your watch ticking faster than normal?! Len Spivey thought to himself. But he couldn’t think so much anymore. He quickly yelled, “I’ll pay up!”

He just wanted to get out of this place alive. As long as he was alive, he could still earn this money back. Besides, once Wesley Allen and the rest from Fairbanks got here and surrounded Greencliff, Ethan would die, and he could come back to get back everything and even more.

“You’re a good businessman,” Ethan nodded. “Geoff, give him the bank account number. If the money doesn’t come in within the next hour, send him off to be fertilizer.”

“Got it!”

Len Spivey felt all his hair stand on end. This fellow was so vicious, he talked about turning people into fertilizer so casually.

He didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. He quickly made a call and got his accountant to squeeze $85 million out as soon as possible and send it to that bank account number.

Nothing was more important than his life now!

He managed to do it within forty minutes. He was pretty efficient.

Brother Geoff told Ethan that they got the money.

“Boss Spivey, you’re a really decisive man. I like you.” Ethan looked at him. “I’m a man of my word. I won’t pick a fight with you because you injured my brothers.”

Len Spivey breathed a sigh of relief.

“But I don’t know if Geoff and the rest will let you off or not.”

Len Spivey immediately froze on the spot, then started cursing loudly, “You motherfucking asshole! You fucking set a trap for me! You underhanded bastard! Let me go! LET GO OF ME!”

Ethan just started reading a novel on his phone while Brother Geoff and the rest marched over. They picked up Len Spivey and dragged him out to the back. Len Spivey’s men all felt their hair stand on end when they could hear the bloodcurdling screams coming from the back.

They were really vicious!

After that, they were taken to the back one by one. How dare they dream of living on after injuring so many of Ethan’s men?

They could all just become fertilizer!

After a while, Brother Geoff came back.

“Big Boss, we’ve tied all of them up and sent them to the police station. None of these guys have a clean record.”

Ethan nodded. He didn’t intend Brother Geoff and the rest to kill anyone now. If he wanted to deal with these men from the illegal circle, he just had to send evidence of their crimes and the men themselves to the police station.

“Give the injured brothers $100,000 each as compensation, let them rest well.”

“Big Boss, they were just doing what they should,” Brother Geoff quickly replied. Tom Foster had arranged everything such that everyone got a fairly high salary, and they didn’t need to worry anymore. They now dared to go home, and they dared to let their families use this money because it was clean.

“That’s the rule. We can’t let the brothers get hurt for nothing.”

“Also, the roads in the western part of the city are a terrible mess. Use the remaining $80 million to repair the roads, so that the folks living there can use the road.”

Len Spivey and his men had used despicable means to earn this money, so Ethan wasn’t going to be polite about taking this money from Len Spivey. Since he got this money, then he had to use it wisely and not waste it.

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