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Chapter 194

“Boss Spivey, you don’t have much stamina huh. Done so fast?”


“Come along now, surely you won’t abandon your own brothers?”

The two of them didn’t give Len Spivey any chance to talk. They took one side each and carried him off.

They had covered Len Spivey’s head with a black bag and Len Spivey had no idea where they were taking him.

He was really panicking now.


The black bag around his head was suddenly removed and the blinding light made Len Spivey exclaim. He opened his eyes and got used to the light. Then he realized all his men were now kneeling on the floor with their heads bent and were completely silent.

“Boss Spivey?”

Ethan was sitting in front and he looked at Len Spivey. “It’s the first time we’re seeing each other, so let me introduce myself. My name is Ethan Hunt.”

“Greencliff, is mine.”

Len Spivey couldn’t help but gulp when he heard the second sentence. If Greencliff belonged to this Ethan, then who was Tom Foster? Who was this guy anyway?

“Tom Foster merely works for me.”

This next sentence from Ethan made Len Spivey understand what was going on immediately. His face paled from fright.

“Boss Spivey, you’re pretty bold and you actually dared to make trouble in Greencliff. I think I’ve said it before, right? Greencliff is my territory and I will not allow anyone to make trouble here. You don’t understand? Or you don’t care?”

“Stop trying to threaten me!” Len Spivey took a deep breath. “Greencliff isn’t yours! HUMPH! I’m telling you, all those big bosses in Fairbanks all have their eye on this place, so it won’t be up to you!”

Wesley Allen and the rest were definitely on their way here. Ethan would surely perish once the big bosses of Fairbanks surrounded him!

Greencliff would soon become a piece of fatty meat for them to fight over and divide up.

“Oh really? Fairbanks’s side has their eye on me?”

Len Spivey didn’t see any fear, nervousness or uneasiness on Ethan’s face. On the contrary, Ethan seemed a little excited, as if he had been looking forward to this day.

Was this guy nuts?

“I don’t care about them. Let’s talk about us first.”

Ethan pointed to Len Spivey’s men and said, “They came to disrupt my business, so I had to close for one day and I’ve made quite some losses. Plus they also damaged quite a number of things, so surely I deserve some compensation? Most importantly, they also beat up some of the brothers who work for me. The consequences of doing this are very severe.”

“I won’t bully you, and I won’t fight with you over how you’ve beat up my brothers. But you have to compensate my monetary losses.”

Len Spivey started to get angry. What the hell was he going on about?

He didn’t care that his men had been injured, but he wanted money.

He laughed coldly, “You want money? How much?”

“I’ve made a rough calculation, everything adds up to $80 million. The moment we get the money, I’ll let you go. If you don’t send the money over, then I’m so sorry. You know, I’ve got this vegetable patch in the countryside and I need some fertilizer.”

Len Spivey narrowed his eyes and felt cold sweat drip down his back.

“You dare to kill me?”

“What, you think you’re more powerful than Ray Lewis? He’s already become fertilizer, you know.”

After he heard this, Len Spivey’s anger was replaced with fear as his body started trembling. So Ray Lewis had really been killed by this guy and had really become fertilizer?

“$80 million…” Len Spivey clenched his teeth. All his assets were worth about $80 million in total. Ethan was trying to bankrupt him!

“My rules go like this. Now it’s $80 million, after one minute it will become $85 million, then $90 million. I add $5 million every minute.”

Ethan pulled his phone out and looked at the time. “30 seconds have passed.”

Len Spivey almost puked blood from anger.

“You…you’re too audacious!” Len Spivey roared.

Brother Geoff slapped him across the face and Len Spivey went rolling on the floor. “Talk nicely to my Big Boss!”


“50 seconds,” continued Ethan calmly.

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