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Chapter 193

Brother Geoff made his move!

After training the past few days, he was now filled with energy. He had finally found a place to let it all out, so he wasn’t going to let anyone else have a go first.

Brother Geoff was like a ferocious wolf as he dashed over and threw a punch. He was frighteningly quick!

The troublemaker didn’t even have time to react. He curled up from the impact like a prawn as his face turned red and he yelped as he went flying.

“Can’t even take one blow!” Brother Geoff scoffed. He looked at the rest and saw that they were all dumbfounded and in shock. He ordered in a cold voice, “Break their legs!”

This was the price for making trouble in Greencliff!

There were a few bloodcurdling screams.

The exact same thing was happening in several other places.

The pack of wolves couldn’t hold it in anymore. These people had come to make trouble in Greencliff and even injured their fellow brothers, so how could they stand it?

If Ethan hadn’t told them not to kill them, these men could forget about walking out of Greencliff alive!

In just one hour, the wolves had settled everyone without hesitation.

Brother Geoff and the rest had realized that they had become even stronger than before. They became excited and hoped that more people would come and create trouble in Greencliff so that they could beat all of them up.

Len Spivey was waiting for news in a hotel in the small town he was based in. Since he was bored, he called for a prostitute and was getting some action.

He was fairly displeased with the service level of this small town. He told himself that he would take control of the surrounding areas after he had entered Greencliff and develop the place. If he could control even these small towns, then he would make a killing.

The phone had rung at a bad time. Len Spivey glanced at his phone and saw that the caller was one of his trusted men. But he was in no hurry to pick up the call.

It was probably good news anyway, so he decided to finish first.

But the phone kept ringing and the ringing made him feel a little annoyed. Len Spivey felt like he had lost the mood.

He moved aside and picked up the call as he yelled impatiently, “What’s the damn hurry? Can’t you call me later?”

“Am I interrupting Boss Spivey’s fun?”

The voice on the other line was a voice he didn’t recognize.

Len Spivey’s body shook. “Who are you?”

“You caused damage to my territory and you’re asking who I am?”

Ethan’s voice had become fairly cold now. “Enough nonsense said. Your men, all sixteen of them, are here with me. If you want them back, then it depends on how much Boss Spivey is willing to pay. I’m in no hurry, you can continue whatever you’re doing, I’ve sent someone to pick you up.”

Then he hung up.

Len Spivey immediately broke out in cold sweat.

His men had been captured?

How could that be?!

Hadn’t Tom Foster already left? He had even taken a few of his best men along with him. His men had seen that for themselves.

Were there many powerful figures in Greencliff? That wasn’t possible.

“Boss Spivey~” The woman on the bed looked at Len Spivey and wiggled seductively. “Come on, come back~”

“Come my ass!”

Len Spivey spat and cursed. He couldn’t be bothered anymore as he quickly put on his clothes. He was now in a panic. His men had all been captured – those were all his best men.

“Boss~~ you haven’t paid up.”

“So noisy!” Len Spivey threw a small wad of notes at her. “Wear your clothes and get out!”

He didn’t dare to stay any longer. Ethan had sent men to pick him up and his men had been captured. If he didn’t leave now, he could forget about leaving.

But the moment Len Spivey opened the door, two men were already standing there and smiling at him.

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