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Chapter 192

William shook his head.

Since the other party dared to do this, they clearly didn’t care about the law. And even if they tried to use the law to help, they would have lost much time and capital by then.

Even if they won the lawsuit, they would have lost the project, and they would still suffer damages.

“What’s the motive of the other party?”

Surely there must be a reason for them to do this.

If it wasn’t for status, then it was for money.

“It seems to be for revenge,” Diane spoke up.

After some investigation, Diane realized that these companies were all backed by the Price family, so she concluded that the Price family was behind all this.

They had tried to attack them time and again. Did the Price family think that she was a pushover?

William immediately understood what she meant.

“VP Spell, we have to get this project, please continue to negotiate with the other party.” William declared, “Since the other party is trying to bring us down, we can’t let them get their way and we can’t let them create unrest in the market either. I will need everyone to work together and we will need much wisdom. From now on, this is going to be war!”

This was the first enemy Palmer Group was going to face!

Everyone present immediately became excited. They weren’t nervous and afraid. They were excited!

This was the first time they were going to fight the enemy with William and Diane!

Everyone quickly busied themselves with work. Thrashing despicable enemies like that required wisdom, and also required much boldness and courage. Palmer Group had all of this.

It was time to unleash all of this.

Almost at the same time.

Len Spivey’s men had arrived.

It was that same snooker club. The few of them got out of the car. They rushed to the main door, and kicked the stand with all the promotions listed on it aside, then dashed into the club.

“You refused to listen to what I said the last time, eh?” the same troublemaker from the other day roared. “How dare you continue to operate this snooker club! You’d better fucking stop right now!”

He picked up a snooker cue and slammed it hard against the table. The cue instantly broke into two and was terrifying to watch.

But everyone playing snooker continued playing. They just glanced at him as if they were looking at an idiot.

After a ball went into the hole, Brother Geoff’s turn was over and he looked up. He glanced at the man in front of him and the three other men behind him.

Just the few of them dared to make trouble here?

“All of you! Stop playing now!”

Nobody bothered about what he said. That troublemaker became furious and was about to hit someone with a snooker cue.

Brother Geoff waved his hand and everyone around him immediately retreated.

“We have to close for the day, so everything’s on the house today. I’m sorry for spoiling your fun, so to apologize, do come back tomorrow. Everything will still be on the house, and we’ll even give you a free drink!”

Brother Geoff smiled at the customers around him and bowed slightly to show how apologetic he was.

Many of them knew Brother Geoff and knew that even though he looked fierce, he was always polite to everyone. He never allowed anyone to make any trouble in this snooker club, and made sure that everyone could play safely.

After the customers heard what Brother Geoff said, they all waved at him and said things like they’d come back another day to have a round with Brother Geoff. The troublemaker’s expression turned nasty from his anger.

He was going to close this damned place down, so these people could forget about having a round with this guy!

He gripped the snooker cue and pointed it at Brother Geoff. “You’re the guy in charge around here? I didn’t see you the last time.”

Brother Geoff glanced at him and figured that this guy was the one who beat up his buddies at the club the last time.

This guy didn’t see Brother Geoff the last time?

Brother Geoff laughed. He clapped his hands, and the men behind him quickly closed and locked the snooker club’s doors.

Since they were going to beat some dogs, then of course they had to shut the doors. They would be in trouble if the dogs managed to escape.

“You didn’t see me the last time?”

After the doors were locked, Brother Geoff’s face darkened immediately and he started to look like he was going to kill someone. “If you saw me the last time, you’d be dead by now!”

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