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Chapter 191

All the men went out in a few cars and split up.

Len Spivey was an intelligent man, or at least he thought so. Splitting up and attacking at the same time was a good strategy since his men would have left after making trouble in several places before the other side could react and get help.

After doing this a few more times, it would be hard for them to do business, so the other party would admit defeat and come begging for mercy.

He had been able to rise because of this method. It wasn’t a very vicious one, but it was a very revolting method.

After his men left, he pulled out his phone and made a call.

“Young Master Price, Greencliff isn’t as scary as you think it is,” he said with some smugness and disdain in his voice. “My men are in position already, so we should be able to take a few places down, and your side can make your move.”

Gentry was pleasantly surprised to receive this call at first, but he felt uneasy when he heard how contemptuous Len Spivey sounded.

“Have you met that man yet?”

“Nope,” replied Len Spivey directly. He thought Gentry was referring to Tom Foster, but Tom Foster wasn’t in Greencliff now. “I can only tell you that these Greencliff people are so soft and weak, they don’t even fight back. Then again, it’s because they don’t have the ability to fight back. I regret not coming in earlier.”

Len Spivey regretted missing his chance when Greencliff was at its messiest. That was the best time to gain a footing.

“You can make your move. You just have to buy out a few companies and stabilize yourself, then it’ll be easier to do what you want later.”

With that, Len Spivey hung up.

Gentry started to hesitate. He felt that something wasn’t quite right. Was Ethan so easy to bully?

If that was the case, then the Stewart family and the Price family wouldn’t be so fearful.

But he had also received news that the other big bosses in Fairbanks besides Len Spivey had also started to make their move, and they were all headed for Greencliff.

“They’re going to encircle Greencliff’s illegal circle!” concluded Gentry.

If Len Spivey went into Greencliff alone, then Gentry would choose to be more cautious and would not dare to enter Greencliff. After all, Ethan had warned him before that if any one from the Price family dared to set foot in Greencliff, he would turn his entire family to ashes!

Gentry’s heart pounded wildly when he thought of these words. He had hoped to make Ethan work for him, but he didn’t expect Ethan to be so domineering.

“Let’s go!”

Gentry made his final decision. If he made his move too late, then he might not even get to lay a hand on Ethan.

If all the big shots of Fairbanks were making their move at the same time, anyone would find it difficult to make his escape!

He immediately sent instructions to some companies under the Price family to start attacking Palmer Group. His anger would not be quelled if he didn’t take Palmer Group down.

Once Palmer Group was destroyed and Diane came begging him for mercy, Ethan would probably have died in the hands of those big bosses.

It was a pity that Ethan wouldn’t be able to watch him violate his wife.

Soon enough, those companies started to make an attack on Palmer Group. They didn’t just use normal competitive methods, but they also didn’t mind making unethical and underhanded attacks.

As long as they could ruin Palmer Group’s business, they did whatever it took to ruin a few contract negotiations that Palmer Group was in the midst of.

William was quite surprised. Everything had been going smoothly so far, and even his partners in Fairbanks didn’t do such nasty things. But the sudden attacks from these other companies made him a little angry now.

“Chairman Palmer, these projects are all very important to our expansion into Fairbanks. If Palmer Group wants to expand beyond Greencliff and go into Fairbanks and eventually the rest of Riverport, then these projects are extremely important,” said a director in charge of the projects with an angry expression on his face. “But these people have undercut us and it’s clearly a deliberate attempt to attack us. We can sue them for unfair competition.”

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