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Chapter 190

Brother Geoff nodded. Ethan wanted to lure the enemy into their own territory, trap them, then attack them all at the same time. He suddenly realized that it was probably a bad idea to have a name that meant ‘dog’. Perhaps it was time to change his own name.

“Now the dogs haven’t come in yet, and even if they do, it’s just two or three tiny dogs. So what’s the point in beating those up?”

“There’s no point.”

This time Brother Geoff replied very quickly.

“That’s right. So let’s continue to wait, and I’ll tell you when we’re shutting the doors. When that time comes, you guys can go ahead and do whatever you want to them.”

“Got it!”

Brother Geoff got excited when he heard that they could do whatever they wanted to those people.

They had been training for so long and they improved so much, so they were all getting really restless.

Now that someone dared to pee on their faces, he was going to cut their dicks off!

Ethan left after making these arrangements. These were small matters and he didn’t have to bother about such small fry himself. He was waiting to see how many would come in from Fairbanks.

The snooker club continued business as usual. In fact they didn’t just continue with business, they even gave discounts and attracted even more customers.

The pubs and the karaoke bars also took this chance to promote deals and packages targeted at those who usually didn’t spend on such things.

Len Spivey was very unhappy.

He was one of the bosses in Fairbanks but he was last in line among them. So he didn’t have a chance to even speak to Wesley Allen and the other big shots.

Never mind someone like Master Rane.

He wanted to expand his territory, earn more money, then expand further. This fatty piece of meat called Greencliff was his best chance.

But he didn’t dare to do anything at all, since someone like Ray Lewis, who was backed by the north, had been exterminated by Tom Foster.

He had been watching Wesley Allen and the other big shots to see what they were going to do. If they didn’t make a move, he didn’t dare to either. But if he moved only after they moved, then he wouldn’t get anything because he would be too late.

So he came up with a clever plan. When his men reported that the big shots had gone to Masquerade Club to see Master Rane and came out with happy faces, he knew that the big shots were going to make their move.

And because he was all prepared already, he was even faster than Wesley Allen and the rest!

“They actually dare to continue doing business?” Len Spivey laughed coldly. “They’re not afraid to die, huh? They think we’re just throwing empty threats huh!”

“You’re sure Tom Foster isn’t in town?”

His subordinate nodded. “He’s not around. Those left behind are all useless punching bags and don’t even know how to fight. Boss, we can just fight our way in and take over their business directly. They can forget about doing business!”

This was their usual method of doing things. They usually tried to force others to go out of business, then fought their way in and got the entire shop for themselves.

It was an old fashioned method, but it was fairly effective.

“I think you guys didn’t beat them hard enough!” Len Spivey spat out coldly. “They didn’t suffer enough losses and they don’t feel the pain.”

He looked at the men in front of him. He had brought his best with him from Fairbanks, and they were based in a small town in the rural area of Greencliff. That was how he managed to make the first move at such short notice.

“All of you go out at the same time!”

He made this decision because he knew Wesley Allen and the rest were coming. He had no other advantage over them besides being faster than them. “I don’t care how, we’ve got to take over at least two or three places. Once we’ve got a foot in Greencliff, it’ll be easier to move around in the future.”

“Got it!”

“Remember! Let them know that your boss is Len Spivey! I’m getting a piece of Greencliff no matter what!”

Len Spivey looked forward to this beautiful future. Being powerful was no use if you didn’t act fast enough.

Besides, he had other means of doing business. Once he started everything up, then he would earn a fair bit from Greencliff. Money was going to pour into his own pocket!

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