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Chapter 19

At Golden Jade Restaurant.

Very famous in Greencliff.

All the best chefs in Greencliff were here. It wasn’t only very expensive to eat here, but you had to reserve well in advance.

Before going out, Ethan had asked Diane to call and make a reservation already.

Ethan pushed William out of the elevator, while Diane and April followed behind him.

This was her first time at such a classy restaurant, so April was a little nervous.

“Diane, this is too expensive, isn’t it?”

She quietly continued, “We can’t simply spend Ethan’s money. This is as good as owing him a favor but we can’t afford to return it.”

Diane knew it cost several thousand dollars just to eat a meal at Golden Jade Restaurant. A colleague had eaten here before and bragged about it for an entire month.

“Ethan said he wants to treat you to dinner, I can’t stop him.”

She hesitated before saying, “You guys just eat. Later I’ll give him the money for our share.”

April felt better after hearing that.

Ethan pushed William towards the reception desk, and one of them quickly came forward to attend to them.

“My apologies, Sir, but our restaurant is full. If you still want to eat here, please wait over at the side.”

“It’s full?”

Ethan looked around the restaurant then at Diane. “Didn’t you make a reservation already?”

Diane stepped forward and took out her phone, the reservation notification still clearly displayed on it. “That’s right, we made a reservation. You can get your reception to check the records. We reserved for 6pm, but it’s only 5:46pm now.”

“My apologies, there were some guests who came and went in directly. Your notification might not have updated in time.”

The waiter calmly continued, “Please wait here by the side, or you could come back tomorrow.”

“What’s going on? We made a reservation first.”

Diane started to feel frustrated. Why was it so difficult to just have a meal?

Surely this restaurant couldn’t do things in any way they fancied just because their business was excellent?

April took one look and tugged at Diane. “Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

This place was too expensive. It only took one look at the clothes the customers inside were wearing to know that the prices here were beyond her.

“Mum, this is the first time I’m treating you to a meal, so we’re not going anywhere else. We’re eating here.”

Nobody had ever dared to snatch a table from him before. Whenever Ethan went out to eat, all the restaurant owners always received him with great politeness. Now he had even made a reservation but there was no space.

“Who’s your boss?”

The waiter raised an eyebrow.

Trying to drop names?

He’d seen plenty of such people!

He snorted. “Our boss is Tom Foster, CEO Foster of Greencliff, heard of him?”

Most people knew that they couldn’t afford to offend someone like Tom Foster and would disappear after hearing his name. The waiter had seen plenty of such people, there was no point pretending.

Ethan didn’t respond. He took out his phone and called Tom Foster.

Tom Foster was soaking himself in a hot spring on the highest floor. The young and slim model in his embrace looked very uncomfortable.

The phone at the side started ringing. It was a number he didn’t recognize, but he took one hand off the model and picked up the call.


“Little Foster, I’m at your restaurant, is there any space?”

Tom Foster immediately became alert when he heard this voice!

He immediately stood up and sprayed water everywhere, scaring the poor model.

“Yes we do! Big Boss, are you at Golden Jade Restaurant? I’m coming down right away!”

He didn’t care that his hair was still wet. Tom Foster dried himself off in a blink of an eye, got changed and took his personal lift all the way down.

Back at the Golden Jade Restaurant reception.

The waiter looked at Ethan as if he was looking at an idiot.

Little Foster?

This guy could really act huh?

There was nobody in the whole of Greencliff who dared to call Tom Foster ‘Little Foster’. Perhaps he figured he didn’t have long to live, so he might as well act cool all the way onto CEO Foster’s turf.

“Young man, why don’t you ask around whose turf this is? If you’re trying to act cool, this is the wrong place!”

The waiter’s face darkened. “I’ll give you one minute to get out. Otherwise don’t blame me for being nasty!”

Ethan ignored him. He wasn’t going to quarrel with a waiter who looked down on customers.

“Didn’t you hear me?”

The waiter’s voice became cold as he took out his receiver and laughed coldly into it, “Brother Geoff, there’s someone making trouble at Golden Jade Restaurant! Please come up!”

William and April started getting anxious.

This restaurant wasn’t a simple place!

“Diane, we’d better go, we can’t afford to offend them.”

“That’s right, let’s go home and eat, I’ll cook!”

They had suffered much humiliation and bullying over many years. Now they had become even more timid than before, afraid to offend anybody.

But Diane didn’t move.

Because she knew that Ethan really knew Tom Foster. He’d even split a bun with him, lived under a bridge together before and were fellow brothers of their Beggars’ Sect.

There was a flurry of footsteps as a dozen burly men came rushing over. The one leading the pack was obviously the Brother Geoff that the waiter called earlier.

“Who dares to make trouble here? Tired of living eh!” Brother Geoff snorted coldly.

“Brother Geoff, it’s them!”

The waiter pointed at Ethan. “I told them there was no space but they still wanted to go in. And this guy over here actually called our boss Little Foster!”

Brother Geoff’s face immediately darkened and turned icy.

Little Foster?

Even if he had the guts of a leopard, he wouldn’t dare to call Tom Foster ‘Little Foster’. This fellow here was tired of living for sure!

He rolled up his sleeves and they surrounded Ethan and family.

“You wanna get out of here yourself? Or get thrown down from upstairs?”

Ethan turned and looked straight at Brother Geoff, narrowing his eyes a little.

“You sure you want to be rude to me?”

Brother Geoff was taken aback by this response, then he burst out laughing. “Who the hell do you think you are? For me to kill you is like killing an ant, you still think I’ve been rude to you?”

“Enough of this nonsense. Since you refuse to move, then don’t blame me for being vicious!”

He was about to attack when the elevator door opened and Tom Foster dashed over, his hair still splashing water.


He roared and Brother Geoff froze.

The waiter also froze. Boss was here!

“Stop it! Every single one of you don’t freaking move!”

Tom Foster stepped forward and slapped Brother Geoff. “Are you blind? You don’t know that he’s my boss? You dare to hit him?!”

Tom Foster then quickly walked to Ethan and took a deep breath.

“Big Boss, Little Foster here is very sorry for coming so late and having such ill mannered subordinates!”

Brother Geoff was completely stunned. He held his face but couldn’t feel the pain.

The waiter was equally shocked. He only felt his legs were trembling and he nearly fell to the floor.

Tom Foster had called Ethan ‘Big Boss’, and actually called himself ‘Little Foster’!

What was going on?

April and William were also stunned, their face filled with disbelief.

Big Boss?

When did Ethan become Tom Foster’s boss?

“What are you still standing there for, apologize to Big Boss now!” Tom Foster yelled coldly.

“I’m sorry I’m very sorry!” Brother Geoff immediately bowed deeply and apologized profusely.

“I’m…I’m sorry!” The waiter’s voice was also shaky.

“I say, Little Foster. If you want to do business then you have to do it properly. How can you let your subordinates change the rules anyway they like?”

Ethan was looking at Tom Foster and speaking very calmly, but Tom Foster still felt tense all over.

“You taught them that? Or that little punk, Winston, didn’t teach them properly?”

Tom Foster felt his heart was coming out of his mouth!

“This is my fault! I didn’t teach them well! Big Boss is right, I will make amends, I will change right now!”

Tom Foster hurriedly turned to the waiter and said, “You can get lost for going against the policies of the restaurant!”

He then turned to look at Brother Geoff. Brother Geoff’s face immediately turned ashen!

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