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Chapter 189

The man in charge of the club refused to kneel.

“You’ve got guts, huh!”

The troublemaker laughed coldly and there was a cold glint in his eyes. Suddenly he kicked the man hard on the knees.

There was the sound of a bone cracking.

The man in charge of the club howled. He couldn’t stand properly anymore and fell to his knees.

“Look, you ended up kneeling anyway, right?”

“So the illegal circle of Greencliff is made up of you lousy idiots? Forget about doing business! You’re all so embarrassing!”

The troublemaker glanced at them coldly and laughed disdainfully.

He reached out and patted the face of the man in charge hard. “Alright now, I’ve forgiven you, but remember, don’t do business here because I don’t allow you to. If you dare to do business, I’ll smash your place again!”

He then took his men and walked out.

The whole place was a mess. There were many broken snooker cues, and they had all been broken because the guys got into a fight.

All the men watching this place were all howling in pain on the floor.

There weren’t anymore customers in the shop. They had all run away when they saw the situation.

By the time Brother Geoff got there, all the troublemakers had left, and he was so angry that he nearly flipped a snooker table over.

“Bloody hell! They’ve even come for my brothers!”

Brother Geoff was angry that he had come too late. But he couldn’t do anything about that, so he could only send his brothers to the hospital and got other men to look for those troublemakers.

He then gave a call to Ethan because Ethan had instructed him to tell him the minute anybody came to make trouble.

But of course, to Brother Geoff, he didn’t need Ethan to personally deal with such small fry.

Ethan arrived.

After looking at the empty snooker club and understanding that the injured men were going to be ok, he nodded.

“Big Boss, these assholes must be from Fairbanks,” Brother Geoff snorted. “They all know that Brother Tom has left Greencliff, so they immediately came over to make trouble.”

These idiots obviously didn’t know that the scariest person in Greencliff wasn’t Tom Foster at all.

“I’ve already sent some men to hunt these assholes down. I’m going to break their legs myself!”

Ethan glanced at Brother Geoff, “So what’s the situation now?”

“Three pubs have been smashed, as well as two snooker clubs. They’ve injured a few dozen brothers. These assholes are really vicious!”

Brother Geoff was seething.

Those assholes had come so suddenly and attacked at the same time, so there was no way Brother Geoff would have made it over in time.

It wasn’t just Brother Geoff. The entire pack of wolves were all seething now. Someone had actually dared to make trouble on their territory.

Ethan had said before that he wanted to make Greencliff into a safe city, but now their own businesses had been smashed and people couldn’t even have fun, so it was really a slap in the face.

“This is just an initial exploration stage,” said Ethan. “Those who came are probably just small fry.”

He continued, “Continue business as usual. Split yourselves up, leave two at every shop. If you find any troublemakers, make sure you capture him.”

“Big Boss, no need to go through such trouble. We can hunt them down, then…”

“They’re not in Greencliff.”

Brother Geoff was stunned by this. Those people weren’t in Greencliff?

“They must have left Greencliff after they were done smashing the place, but they’ve not gone far, and will come back every one or two days. Their aim is to make it difficult for us to do business and to cause unrest among the people here. You get it?”

Brother Geoff nodded, then shook his head.

He wasn’t as clever as Tom Foster, so he didn’t get it the first time.

Ethan threw an arm around Brother Geoff’s neck and whispered, “You know what it means to shut the door and beat the dogs?”

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