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Chapter 188

It was really hard on her to make her steer this huge ship. She had put in a lot of effort, but she was still young after all, so her experience and capability was still lacking.

Ethan’s heart ached when he saw that Diane was on the verge of tears.

He wiped away the tears that were about to fall from Diane’s eyes.

“Who cares if this company collapses? My dearest wife nearly cried, how are we going to settle that?” Ethan said with a serious face.

Diane stared at him in a daze. She could understand what Ethan meant. Even if she couldn’t manage Palmer Group and it collapsed, it wouldn’t bother Ethan at all. The only person he cared about was her.

“You won’t blame me?” she asked cautiously.

Ethan shook his head. “I won’t. Go ahead and do whatever you have to, don’t feel so pressurized by it.”

It was just one Palmer Group. Ethan could set up another hundred of such companies for Diane as practice. He was sure she wasn’t capable of making all hundred of them collapse.

“Ethaaaan~” Diane dragged his name out, but she sounded a little touched this time round.


“Husband…thank you, husband.”

He wiped her tears away and she took a deep breath before returning to work. Ethan went back to sitting on the sofa to eat his fruits and play with his phone.

After a while, his phone started ringing.

Brother Geoff was calling. Ethan picked up the call.

“Big Boss, the guys from Fairbanks have come to make trouble.”

As expected, they came the moment Tom Foster left.

These fellows never disappointed him.

He was still afraid that the folks in Fairbanks would be too cautious and not do anything. But since they were here, then it was time to have some fun.

Ethan looked up at Diane to see that she was still deep in thought. He didn’t disturb her, but just left a message with Ashley and left Palmer Group.

Tom Foster still had a lot of assets under his name, but anything that was even the slightest bit illegal had been sold off.

But he still had many legal pubs, karaoke bars and snooker clubs in operation, and these places created jobs for his men.

Something had happened at one of the snooker clubs.

“What now, bullying us just because we’re not from Greencliff? Other clubs charge $30 per hour, so how dare you charge us $50?!”

The men who had come was very imposing and could really fight. They had already injured the few men taking care of the club.

“The rates are clearly written on the wall and we’ve got nothing to hide! If you’re not happy with these rates then don’t play here! If you want to play, then you have to pay up!” one of the men clutched his head and said this through clenched teeth. “This is not a place where you can just do whatever you want! Pay up and get lost, otherwise don’t blame me for getting nasty!”

One of the troublemakers raised a leg and kicked the guy who spoke up earlier onto the floor. He coldly said, “Get nasty? You guys are all trash, so how nasty can you guys get?”

He raised his head and looked around as he coldly shouted, “All of you stop playing and get the hell out of here! This club’s not doing business today!”

Everyone who was either playing snooker or just watching the show didn’t dare to stay anymore. Some people left money behind to pay for their games, and some didn’t even bother and just quickly ran out of the snooker club.

The troublemaker was very pleased when he saw that the snooker club emptied itself in no time.

He kicked the face of the man in charge of the club and grinned gleefully, “Be good now and apologize to me, kneel down and call me Big Boss, otherwise you can forget about operating this club from today onwards!”

“You want me to kneel down? Dream on!”

The man in charge of the club was clearly a tough cookie. If he ended up losing to someone on his own territory, he could forget about staying in this circle!

The troublemaker slapped him hard across the face. “Kneel down now!”

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