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Chapter 187

When he got to the BMW shop, that new salesgirl had now become a sales team leader.

All the other senior sales assistants only felt regret and really wanted to slap themselves when they spotted Ethan walk in.

Missing that one chance had made them miss their chance of a lifetime.

They were all ready to kill themselves when they heard what Ethan wanted.

“Mr. Hunt, please have some tea.”

This salesgirl now had her own little office so that she could take care of important customers like Ethan.

“You asked for thirty 5 series cars, but we don’t have so many cars in the shop right now. But I will arrange it for you as soon as possible.”

This was a huge deal!

Even though she was used to Ethan spending money like water, the salesgirl was still quite excited about this sale.

She even started wondering if Ethan was helping her so much because he liked her and she wondered if she should do something about it.

But when she thought about Diane, she felt there was no way she could compare herself to Diane.

Even if she stood in front of Ethan without any clothes, he probably wouldn’t even turn to look at her.

“Sure, I’ll leave it to you,” Ethan didn’t say too many unnecessary things. He pulled out his card to make the deposit. “Arrange for this as quickly as possible.”

“No problem, Mr. Hunt. Don’t worry, I will definitely get this settled for you.”

She was probably going to become a sales manager after this deal. She had gone from a newbie to a manager in just a matter of months. What an incredible jump!

She didn’t even tell Ethan about discounts because telling a truly rich man like Ethan about discounts was an insult to him.

After paying the deposit, Ethan left the shop. He was assured when it came to this salesgirl.

Ethan went to Palmer Group and Diane was busy in her office.

He didn’t disturb her. He just sat on the sofa as he ate an apple and played with his phone.

The entire Palmer Group was very busy. It seemed like only this real boss had nothing to do.

Ethan was still in a good mood when he thought about how he got to share the bed with Diane the night before.

They didn’t do anything, but then again, why did they have to do anything?

Sometimes obscured beauty was what was truly beautiful.

After a long time, Diane frowned, then relaxed. After flipping through several contracts, she started frowning again.

She looked up to see that Ethan was happily snacking and drinking his tea while she was so busy. She called him with an annoyed tone of voice, “Hey.”

“Call me ‘Hubby’.”


Diane purposely dragged the word out and Ethan felt so numb all over that he pulled himself together and sat up straight. “I think you’d better just use my name.”

“Ethan, come over here and help me to take a look.” Diane scoffed and said, “You’re the real boss around here, so surely you have to do something, right?”

She couldn’t take this lying down.

It seemed as if her entire family was working for Ethan, and he was just having fun.

“I won’t interfere in anything business related,” Ethan laughed. “I don’t know anything anyway.”

Diane pouted, “I really don’t know how to make a decision.”

Ethan got up and walked over to where she was to look at the reports on her desk.

All these proposals were from companies in Fairbanks. Palmer Group’s first goal was to enter Fairbanks, then expand across the country. If they didn’t get the first step right, then it was harder to complete the rest.

Diane was under tremendous pressure and she had her reservations. It was her first time being a CEO and she had to make such an important decision right from the start.

“All these companies meet our requirements and they all have their own good points, so I really don’t know how to make a choice.” Diane could really feel the pressure of being the person in charge of steering this company. “This concerns Palmer Group’s future expansion, so I have to be very careful.”

“Uh huh,” was all Ethan said.

“I mean, since you’re the big boss around here, can’t you at least give some suggestions?”

She didn’t expect Ethan to help her to choose anymore.

Diane looked at Ethan with some guilt in her eyes. “Ethan, I have to admit that I’m not capable enough.”

“I’m afraid that if I’m not careful, I could make Palmer Group collapse.”

Diane started tearing up as she said these words…

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