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Chapter 186

The change in Greencliff could be described like the wind and clouds. It was changing at such a rapid pace.

William had returned to the company and Palmer Group moved at an even faster pace. His reputation was at its peak right now, so Palmer Group’s reputation and influence was also steadily going up.

There were more and more people wanting to work together with Palmer Group, and William had to start putting up barriers to entry.

Citadel Group, a company of high standing in Fairbanks, had collapsed. It only took a few days to cause this huge mountain of a company to collapse like that.

This helped everyone to realize how terrifying Palmer Group could really be. In order to hop on this huge ship, you needed some foresight, but you also needed a bit of luck.

Greencliff Bank’s CEO, Thomas Reid, was the first one to make the right decision. And because of that, he had brought great returns to the bank.

There was William at the top of Palmer Group with Diane supporting him, so they didn’t need Ethan at all.

He wasn’t going to interfere either. Ethan wasn’t bothered by these things.

His focus was now on the illegal circle.

At the training facility in the countryside.

Brother Geoff and the other men were going insane lately. Someone had managed to get through the course in eight minutes, so the rest didn’t care about eating or sleeping anymore and wanted to catch up.

Soon enough, six of them managed to get through the course in eight minutes.

Ethan was watching by the side and Tom Foster quickly came over to light his cigarette. “Big Boss, these fellows are really hardworking, just that their constitution is really poor. It’s really hard for them to meet your requirements.”

He was trying to put a good word in for Brother Geoff and the rest.

“Constitution is important, but attitude is more important,” said Ethan with a smile. “I’ve seen many people who are gifted but with a poor attitude, so they can’t go very far. These fellows are not bad.”

The two words ‘not bad’ was enough to make the men incredibly excited. This was the highest praise Ethan had for them!



“Something has cropped up on Winston’s side, he wants you to go over and help him for a while.”

Tom Foster froze, then became excited. “Brother Winston finally remembers me?”

“But if I leave, what will happen if those people from Fairbanks come and make trouble for you?”

After thinking about it, he realized that his main role was to protect Ethan, so he couldn’t let this spot remain empty.

Ethan merely laughed and didn’t say anything.

Tom Foster immediately understood what Ethan meant. Ethan was so powerful by himself, so he clearly didn’t need anyone to protect him.

“When do I leave?” Tom Foster paused for a while before asking this question. “Since Brother Winston has asked me to go over, then I’ll go over.”

“Today,” replied Ethan.

Tom Foster was surprised. It seemed so rushed. But since Winston needed him, then it must be something very important.

He really missed the days he used to fight alongside Winston. He would never forget those days.

“When you leave, make sure you make a grand exit and be as flashy as possible,” added Ethan.

Tom Foster got it instantly. He wanted the folks in Fairbanks to know about this.

“Got it,” Tom Foster nodded seriously.

He walked over and called all the men together. He sternly instructed them, “I’m going to leave Greencliff for a while, so all of you better listen up! Even if it costs your life, you’d better protect Greencliff well!”

“Got it!”

Tom Foster left that very day. He was really flashy about it, so the news spread quickly.

Ethan didn’t bother himself with any of these things. He went to the BMW shop again.

Brother Geoff and the other guys were working too hard and had met his requirements so quickly. So of course he couldn’t miss out on their reward.

Ethan was a man of his word. Just like how he had faced the world’s number one terrorist back then – he said he was going to kill off the entire group, so he really didn’t leave a single one behind!

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