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Chapter 185

There was no sign of the north in Greencliff!

Everyone understood what that meant.

That meant that there was no powerful family in the north backing Tom Foster. They had all been fooled. They had been so scared for so long that nobody dared to even make a move.

“Thank you, Butler Zed!”

Some of them reacted to the news and didn’t say anymore. They threw a check down on the table, “Money for the tea.”

Then they left.

After a while, everybody else had left, but Wesley Allen had thought of something else.

“Butler Zed, did Master Rane say anything about Greencliff?”

Even if there was no sign of the north, the truth was that Tom Foster had wiped out Ray Lewis. There was a powerful family from the north backing Ray Lewis.

So if he could do this, then Tom Foster was clearly no pushover and wasn’t easily bullied.

“Hoho, Master Rane doesn’t interfere in such matters.” Butler Zed answered him very simply.

Wesley Allen knew that Butler Zed wasn’t going to tell him anything more, so he nodded and clasped his hands together. “Thank you, Butler Zed, I shall take my leave.”

Since there wasn’t anyone in the north backing Tom Foster, then there wasn’t anything to be afraid of anymore. If he wanted to make a move, he had to move fast, before others got there first.

Everyone had their eye on this piece of fatty meat for a long time now, and they were all salivating at this temptation.

After everyone had left, Butler Zed returned to the backyard.

There was a pond with lotus flowers, water flowing and the sound of birds chirping. This was a really lovely place.

A man who was nearly fifty years old was sitting cross legged in the pavilion. Another middle aged man sat across him, and he looked like a sword from afar.

This man obviously exuded the same aura as a sword did, but yet he was also reserved.

“Master Rane, they’ve all left,” reported Butler Zed with reverence. “These people are very careful.”

Master Rane didn’t say anything. He looked at the chess board in front of him as if he was thinking very hard. He had held a chess piece in his hand for a long time but didn’t put it down.

After a long while, he sighed and said, “This chess game is really difficult.”

He looked up at the middle aged man seated across from him. “I’ve checked, there’s really no sign of the north.”

“But that man must not be looked down upon.”

“How powerful is he?”

“No less than me.”

Master Rane finally lifted his head up at these words. There were some wrinkles on his face and looked fairly gentle and kindly. He didn’t look like the leader of Fairbanks’s illegal circle at all.

He knew very well how powerful this middle aged man across from him was. He had been able to remain in control of Fairbanks for so many years because of him.

This was the top killer by his side. The invincible grim reaper of all Riverport!

One man alone was able to keep all the illegal circles in the state of Riverport under control and nobody dared to even lift their heads.

And now he was saying that man wasn’t any less powerful than he was?

That man was nearly twenty years younger than this killer here!

Even Butler Zed standing by the side looked a little shocked and was in disbelief.

There was someone in Riverport who was stronger than this highly skilled swordsman?

He had followed Master Rane for twenty years now, and besides being his top hitman, he was also the person that Master Rane trusted the most. Butler Zed had seen how this grim reaper had killed others and how powerful he really was. Never mind Riverport – it was hard to find someone who was more powerful than this grim reaper even if you searched the entire country.

This was a shocking piece of information.

After a long while, Master Rane finally put the chess piece in his hands down. But this was a completely different strategy from how he normally played.

“Let them try first.”

The grim reaper didn’t speak anymore and concentrated on the chess game. Butler Zed didn’t say anything either, but he knew that Master Rane was talking to him and telling him to keep an eye on that side of things.

All these years, Master Rane had never bothered about that young man who had suddenly risen. But this time, Master Rane was concerned about him even without seeing him.

That man was clearly not a simple one.

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