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Chapter 184

It wasn’t just them. Wesley Allen was waiting. All the big shots of Fairbanks’s illegal circle were waiting.

Greencliff was like this big piece of fatty meat dangling in front of them but they could only see it and not eat any. This was a very upsetting situation indeed.

Greencliff was now undergoing rapid development and the situation was changing almost every day. If they missed their chance now, it could be difficult to get in later.

Nicolas’ leg couldn’t be healed completely, but at least he could walk. He hobbled along and his face was filled with anger all the time.

“No sound from Master Rane?” he just had to ask.

“Nothing,” Gus Thompson shook his head. “He’s still chanting sutras, eating vegetarian meals and reading everyday.”

This didn’t sound like what the leader of the illegal circle of Fairbanks would be doing, but Master Rane was that leader.

“What about Masquerade Club?”

“I heard that someone from the north came by. But he only came for one day, did nothing and left.”

Nicolas found it hard to sit still. Gus Thompson was equally restless. They looked for Wesley Allen to find that he couldn’t sit still either.

At this rate, they were going to lose their chance.

A lot of the bosses in Fairbanks’s illegal circle were just looking on. But everyone knew that if they just kept on looking on like this, they would all lose their chance.

Wesley Allen made a call to the bosses and asked them to come along to Masquerade Club and look for Master Rane to ask about what to do.

At Masquerade Club.

This was a very special place in Fairbanks.

There was good food, good wine, beautiful women, paintings, antiques, everything.

Most importantly, there was information here. You could buy information on absolutely anything here, unless you couldn’t afford it.

It wasn’t easy to enter this club. Without an invitation, you couldn’t even step past the main door. So most people had only heard of it but had never gone in before.

Apparently one had to be worth at least $1 billion to get through the main door.

Wesley Allen had come along with the other bosses of the illegal circle.

They had agreed to come together, but they didn’t know if Master Rane would see them.

They were rivals when it came to fighting for a fatty piece of meat like Greencliff, but there was no problem in working together for the time being.

The few of them entered the club and were seated in a small room. Someone soon sent tea over.

Wesley Allen didn’t care to be polite. He immediately started drinking the tea. This tea was worth a million dollars, so it would be a terrible waste of money if he didn’t drink it.

After a long time, Master Rane didn’t appear and some of them started looking impatient.

“Butler, is Master Rane around?”

There was a middle aged man standing there. His hair was slightly white but he still looked very alert. He was Master Rane’s butler, and everyone only knew his surname was Zed but nobody knew the rest of his name. He was also the person in charge of Masquerade Club.

So even Wesley Allen and the other bosses had to be polite to this butler.

“He’s around, but he’s chanting sutras,” said Butler Zed with a smile and his eyes half closed.

“Please don’t be anxious. Why don’t I bring another pot of tea over?”

Wesley Allen waved his hands and said there was no need to. This pot cost a million dollars. One pot was just to give Master Rane business, but two pots was spending unnecessary money. He was willing to spend a lot of money on certain things, but not on this.

“No worries, this pot is on the house.”

Butler Zed waved his hands and a waiter came in with another pot of tea.

After waiting for another hour, Wesley Allen paced up and down. He would look up now and then, but Master Rane was nowhere to be seen.

“Butler Zed?”

Butler Zed looked up. “I’ll go help you ask?”

“We’ll have to trouble you, Butler Zed.”

Wesley Allen and the rest had to just wait patiently. They knew this was the way Master Rane was, so they couldn’t say anything either.

Butler Zed came back after a while.

Wesley Allen and the rest immediately went up to him.

“How’s it? Will Master Rane see us?”

“Master Rane has gone to take a rest.” Butler Zed kept his polite smile on. “But I have the answer that all of you are looking for.”

“How’s it?”

All their eyes lit up at this.

“There is no sign of the north in Greencliff.”

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