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Chapter 183

“Or…why don’t you come and sleep on the bed?”

After a long while, Ethan had nearly fallen asleep when he heard Diane’s barely audible voice.

Ethan wasn’t sleepy anymore.

He wasn’t going to miss this chance again. He immediately got up, rolled up his blanket and lay down next to Diane.

His manly scent hit Diane’s nose and it was a little warm. It made her turn red.

She shifted herself further away from him, but the bed was only so big. She was already against the wall, and they were only separated by a blanket.

In the darkness, she could even feel Ethan’s warm breathing.

“Don’t…don’t you dare move!”

Diane clenched her teeth.

If the lights were on right now, Ethan would have seen that Diane’s face was as red as an apple.

“I won’t move,” replied Ethan seriously.

This was a huge step forward already, so Ethan wasn’t going to go any further and make Diane nervous and scared.

He used the blanket to roll himself up into a cocoon and didn’t move at all.

Diane stole a glance at him. Her face and ears were all red. She wondered why on earth she had agreed to share the bed with just the two of them in the room. What was she going to do now?

But she couldn’t possibly let Ethan just continue sleeping on the floor. It was already after March, but it did get very cold at night.

Diane was conflicted and even regretted it a little, but she couldn’t take her words back now. Besides, the two of them were husband and wife, so it was actually logical for them to sleep on the same bed.

Many crazy thoughts started running through her mind. She was hesitant and nervous, afraid that Ethan might not be able to control himself and suddenly pounce on her. Should she go along with him or resist him?

But before she could sort her thoughts out, she could hear Ethan’s light and even breathing next to her.

This fellow had actually fallen asleep already!

The night passed silently.

After Steven had created such a scene, he hadn’t just failed to destroy William. He had even helped to raise the reputation of William and Palmer Group by a lot.

Everyone now looked at both their brand and their business culture differently.

Gerald had been placed in the best nursing home in Greencliff and had his own private nurse. William had inspected the place several times before placing his father here. April would still boil some soup and visit him, and Gerald would end up feeling so touched that he wanted to cry.

He had such a good daughter-in-law but he had been so blind and treated her so badly.

As for Steven, he went straight to jail. He had been sentenced to twelve years behind bars.

On the day he was sent to jail, Brother Geoff went to the prison he had been sentenced to.

Brother Geoff knew a lot of people in that prison, so he brought quite a bit of good cigarettes and fruits to talk to the folks he knew. He singled Steven out and told them that this guy offended his Big Boss.

He didn’t have to say anymore. Steven’s life wasn’t going to be too pleasant from now on.

Both of Gentry’s attempts had failed miserably. It made him furious, but he couldn’t think of another way at the moment.

Archie had escaped, but he didn’t intend to keep a piece of trash like Archie around anyway.

But he couldn’t be appeased if he didn’t kill Ethan. He also couldn’t be accountable to his own family.

“When can you guys make a move?” Gentry really couldn’t stand it anymore. “Greencliff is merely a small city! Aren’t you guys from Fairbanks? Don’t tell me you’re scared of this tiny city?”

The only way he could think of now was to use the illegal circles to kill off Ethan.

There was no sound from the Stewart family since they were trying their best to find a doctor who could cure Joe’s legs and didn’t intend to go to Greencliff in the near future. So Gentry had to exact his own revenge.

“It’s not time yet.” The other party replied him the same way again. “Without knowing who’s backing Tom Foster, nobody will dare to make any move.”

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