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Chapter 182


Gerald tried his best to apologize as his tears kept falling.

He knew he had been wrong. He knew which son really cared and loved him the most. But everything was now too late.

If he had another chance, he wouldn’t have treated William and his family like this. He was really sorry!

William couldn’t hold it in anymore. He hugged Gerald and started crying loudly. The TV crew filmed this touching scene between father and son.

Diane didn’t hold it in either. Her eyes were red too.

She suddenly felt that Gerald was really old now. His hair was all white, his face was all sunken and there was no life in him. He was like a candle in the wind, and could go out anytime.

Even April didn’t say anything at all.

She didn’t see the Gerald from before. All she saw was a lonely and pitiful old man who was filled with regret. Even if she hated Gerald in the past, she couldn’t find it in herself to hate him now.

She was a kindhearted woman after all.


There were many photos of Gerald and William embracing each other and crying uploaded online, and these photos completely overturned all of Steven’s lies.

It caused a great commotion and William’s reputation reached its peak.

Even Mayor Tyson went to parliament and said that everyone ought to learn from William, and that there should be more kindhearted and socially responsible businessmen like William.

This was public recognition from the government.

Palmer Group’s reputation had also risen in Greencliff as a result.

It wasn’t just because of what happened at the TV station, but more because everyone could feel that Palmer Group really wasn’t just a cold business entity. Palmer Group had that human touch to it.

William personally helped Gerald to bathe, get a new change of clothes, fed him and sent him to the hospital for a checkup.

William had done all this not just for show. He was doing this as a son. He wanted to do what a son ought to do for his elderly father, even though this father had let him down.

Ethan and the rest of the family didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say.

After a period of rest and treatment, Gerald’s condition had improved considerably.

William offered to take him home, but Gerald kept shaking his head and refused to.

“I…I…have…no…r-r-right to.” That was all he said.

“April has agreed, she’s forgiven you already,” said William quickly. He thought Gerald was worried that April didn’t agree.

“I…let April d-d-down…she…she…is a…good…d-d-aughter-in-law, I…don’t blame her…for b-b-being angry…”

Gerald still shook his head.

He refused to go home with William and chose to go to a nursing home instead. William’s family was now filled with joy and harmony, so Gerald didn’t want to disrupt their lives.

William couldn’t do anything about it either, so he sent Gerald to the best nursing home in Greencliff and got a private nurse for him.

April went to visit him twice. Gerald was so touched that he kept crying and apologizing, so much so that April couldn’t help but cry too.

At night.

Diane lay on the bed as she thought about what happened.

There were many things that turned out in an unexpected manner, and sometimes the result was very touching.

“Ethan, do you think we all have to wait till we’re old to realize what sort of person we are?”

“Not necessarily,” Ethan didn’t move. “I’m so young but I already know what sort of person I am.”

“Then what sort of person are you?” asked Diane out of curiosity.

“I am a man…who’s afraid of the cold,” said Ethan as he curled up.

The entire room suddenly fell silent.

He could hear Diane’s slightly nervous breathing…

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