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Chapter 181

Gentry was going to puke blood from his anger.

Rion was on the verge of succeeding but she failed and he had been happy for nothing.

Now Steven had carefully made a seamless plan to make sure William was doomed and to make sure he no longer had any standing in Greencliff.

In the end?

William was now the hero of the citizens of Greencliff, a great philanthropist!

Any attempts at smearing his reputation only made others think that he had ulterior motives for doing this. So he had actually made William an invincible person now. Nothing could touch him now.

Gentry took several deep breaths, but nothing could calm him down.

Archie had collapsed on the floor. His face was red and swollen with five bright red finger marks imprinted on his face. He clutched his chest and was in so much pain that he couldn’t even talk.


At the entrance of the TV station.

Steven was like a dog left for dead as he lay curled up on the ground. His clothes had already been torn and there were countless footprints on them.

The angry mob had gone away but he was still lying there. The moment he heard footsteps, he quickly covered his head and shouted, “Don’t hit me! Please don’t hit me anymore!”

After a while, Steven realized that nobody was hitting him. So he finally quietly raised his head.

William was standing right in front of him!


The moment he saw William, Steven started getting angry. To him, William was still small fry and Steven never had any regard for him.

“William! How dare you get me into trouble!” Steven roared and tried to threaten him, but William just raised a foot and kicked Steven in the face.

“You animal!” William was rarely angry, and he had never been violent to anyone before.

He couldn’t wait to kick this man who was worse than an animal to death!

This kick made Steven roll on the ground. His mouth was covered with blood and he howled and howled…

“How…how dare you hit me!” Steven yelled in shock and wanted to get up and hit him back, but he didn’t dare to move when he saw Ethan and the other men.

Ethan stood next to Diane and family. Since he didn’t make any move, his men didn’t move either.

“Steven, you’re really an animal!” William didn’t mince his words. “Dad treated you so well but you were able to find it in yourself to be so cruel to him! Are you still human?!”

Steven held his mouth and didn’t say anything, but his eyes were filled with hatred.

Soon enough, the police arrived and took Steven away. He had a lot of illegal dealings over the years, and because of this broadcast, many people testified against him, so the police were here to arrest him. It would probably be more than a decade before he could get out of jail.

William had no sympathy for him. He only felt that this retribution had come too late.

“Let’s go in.”

William quickly walked in with Ethan and Diane behind him. William was now the main star of the day, and Ethan knew where his place was.

The broadcast had already stopped, but Gerald was still there.

He sat in his wheelchair like he was an abandoned pet and his face was filled with despair. If he could kill himself, Gerald wouldn’t have hesitated to do so.

The other TV crew didn’t know what to do either. Steven had made a run for it, but they didn’t dare to simply move this old man either.


William rushed in and the first thing he saw was how Gerald looked like he was in great despair. William’s eyes immediately turned red. He walked over and squatted down in front of his father and his lips trembled, “How…how did you become like this?”

Even though he had hated him before and had been angry with him before, the old man in front of him was his father after all.

William always remembered how Gerald had been wonderful to him when he was younger. Gerald had protected him, taken care of him, and worked so hard just to send him to school…

Gerald’s lips started moving when he saw William. He couldn’t get any words out, so the only hand he could move tried hard to grab William’s hand, but it moved very slowly.

William immediately grabbed his father’s hand. “Dad, I’m sorry.”

“I…I…wa-was…wrong…” Gerald’s tears started flowing as he tried hard to speak. “I…I…I’m…s-s-sorry…!”

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