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Chapter 180

There were even interviews posted online. These were interviews with the various governmental leaders of Greencliff. All the leaders were full of praise for the new Palmer Group and gave William a thumbs up too. They all said that he was an ethical businessman and was a man who cared for the community.

The online comments exploded once more.

Ethan didn’t need to direct the rest anymore.

All the parents of the children in Greencliff Elementary School who had benefited all started speaking out. They didn’t dare to earlier since they were outnumbered, but now they really had to stand up!

All the older folks who had received money so that they could celebrate new year were all thanking William for coming to visit them personally despite being wheelchair bound.

There were plenty of children who had received new clothes and didn’t need to wear broken shoes anymore who were testifying with large and bright eyes that Uncle William was a good person to all the people around them.

The comments online had exploded!

Many reporters and other members of the media were taking the chance to conduct street interviews, writing article after article and releasing video after video on the internet.

There were many who said encouraging words, some had words of gratefulness, some were comforting, some even apologized and said that they hadn’t realized that they had been used and nearly misunderstood a wonderful and kind person like William.

William looked at the TV and watched all the headlines and videos on his phone, and saw how sincerely the people reacted. His eyes were all bloodshot and even though he was a grown man, he couldn’t help but start crying.

Ethan had told him right from the start that Palmer Group wasn’t set up to make money for themselves. It was to make money to help others so that Greencliff could become a warm and cozy city for everyone to live in.

William had agreed with him and had remembered this in his heart. He had turned it into the motivation and goal for Palmer Group to develop and advance.

He had just used whatever means he had to help others, and he never expected it to have such an effect.


Diane and April sat on each side of William and took his hand in theirs. The three of them sat there as tears flowed down their faces. They were so touched and so grateful.

Diane knew that this was all thanks to Ethan. Had this fellow known all along that this day would come?

The live broadcast couldn’t continue anymore.

The hotline was overloaded with calls, so the host had to stop the callers. Steven couldn’t defend himself anymore and everyone was sure that he was smearing William’s name. There were even people who started asking Steven the reason for bringing Gerald onto the show.

Steven didn’t know that things would turn out like this. He went into a panic and didn’t know what to do at all.

“You’d better leave now!” shouted the host anxiously. “There are people jamming the TV station’s door, so if you don’t leave now you can forget about getting out of here!”

Steven got a shock and didn’t care about Gerald. He made a run for it, but he was blocked at the door.

When they saw that he just ran off without caring about Gerald, the people became even angrier. Some hot headed younger ones felt that they had been cheated by Steven and couldn’t hold it in any longer. They all started punching Steven.

There were twenty or thirty people surrounding him and he had no idea who hit him.

Steven could only howl and clutch his own head as he prayed for Gentry to save him.

But of course, Gentry didn’t care.

Gentry smashed the TV but was still angry. Archie was sitting next to him, so Gentry slapped him hard across the face.

“Useless crap! Both father and son are the same! Useless trash! All TRASH!”

He kicked Archie’s chest hard and he was so angry that his entire body was shaking.

He had wanted to use Steven to smear William’s reputation so that he would have no standing in Greencliff. But now?

There were cheers all around for William. The worst part was that Gentry was the one who planned this as a trap, but it turned out to be an advertisement for William, and now William’s reputation in Greencliff had actually risen instantly!

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