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Chapter 18

Back at home.

Diane carefully rubbed ointment on April, her heart aching for her mother.

This slap must have really hurt!

She couldn’t stop her tears from rolling down.

“Silly girl, I’m fine.”

April wiped the tears off Diane’s face.

If they hadn’t come in time, she might have been arrested by the police, and she wouldn’t have been able to explain herself even if she had ten mouths.

“Ethan, come in. I want to ask you something.”

April walked into her room and Ethan followed her in.

She closed the door. There were only the two of them in the room.

“I’m sorry Mum. This was my fault.”

Ethan stood where he was and apologized solemnly.

April looked up at him.

That card required a minimum of one billion in the bank. She knew Ethan was rich, but she didn’t think he was this rich.

Ethan was no ordinary person. So what motive did he have for coming here?

“Who are you really?” April asked again.

Her expression was extremely serious.

She was more worried about Diane than her own suffering.

Ethan knew he couldn’t hide this any longer. He took out the sweet wrapper he had carefully kept for so many years out from his pocket.

“This is…”

April recognized it in an instant.

When the Palmer family just started out, they were a small shop selling sweets.

She had hand wrapped so many sweets with this wrapper back then!

“Fifteen years ago, I was left on the streets and I wanted to end my life. But a little girl gave me this sweet and she said that if I eat this sweet, my life will become sweeter.”

“That little girl was very kind and saved me. And not just once.”

Ethan took a deep breath. “I don’t want such a kind girl to be hurt, and I just want to protect her.”

Of course April understood what he was trying to say. That kind little girl was Diane.

Ethan had come here and gotten close to Diane to return the favor.

He had promised April before that he would never hurt or ruin Diane.

Given his immense wealth, was there any woman he couldn’t have?

“Mum, I know you still don’t understand me, neither do you trust me fully. But I will work hard so that you can accept me. If I can’t become your son-in-law, I would like to at least be your son.”

Ethan continued seriously. “I’m going to call you Mum forever.”

Earlier at the bank, Ethan had stood up for her with such fury. That was definitely not faked.

He really treated her as his own mother.

Especially when he said, “This is my mother, and you dared to hit her!”

April could still feel her heart trembling.

Nobody had ever protected her like this. Not even William.

April started to feel touched.

Ethan really had no ill intentions, and what happened today was just a misunderstanding.

“Mum, I’m really sorry about what happened today, it’s my fault you were bullied,” Ethan apologized again.

“It’s not your fault. I took the wrong card.”

April shook her head. She was very clear about what happened, and didn’t lose her temper.

If she hadn’t taken this card, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

“Let’s go out. I won’t tell anybody about what you told me.”

William and Diane were still outside and she didn’t want them to worry.

When they walked out, William was throwing a fit.

“It’s just a card, did they have to question her like that?”

William was furious when he saw that his own wife had suffered. His eyes were both bloodshot, angry with the bank, angry with himself. Angry with himself for being useless and unable to protect his wife.

Even Diane couldn’t understand how a card could cause such a terrible misunderstanding.

She knew there was quite a bit of money in Ethan’s card, but still.

Ethan didn’t know how to explain this either.

His black card was from the global bank union. There were probably only about a hundred of them in the world, of which ten were sent to him.

“Dad, Mum, this is my fault. I apologize to both of you.”

Ethan continued, “Tell you what, I’ll treat everyone to dinner and get Mum over her shock?”

After what happened, April was also in no mood to cook. It was nearly dinner time and everyone was getting hungry.

“It’s too expensive to eat out.”

April shook her head. Now that she knew how rich Ethan was, she didn’t want to spend his money.

Diane didn’t have much for her to spend either.

“No it isn’t. As long as it makes Mum happy, no amount is too expensive.”

Ethan turned to start the car. “Diane, push Dad out.”

Soon enough April and William were seated at the back, Diane in the front passenger seat, and Ethan drove the car out.

At this moment, there was a Porsche that slowly came to a stop at the gate to Magnolia Estates.

“Stop the car!”

There was a fat man in the car with a pudgy face who was laughing. “Just stop here.”

“Dad, this is the exit. We’re blocking other people’s way if we park here.”

“Are you stupid!”

Ryan Harris spat. “Don’t you know? Luxury cars are for showing off!”

“If you stop here and block them, they might curse you with their mouth, but after looking at your car, they’ll feel jealous. Get it?”

The two of them alighted. Ryan Harris clutched his briefcase and even turned back to make sure his car had completely blocked the exit before entering the estate.

“Come along, let’s go get your aunt!”

Shortly after they left, Ethan’s car had arrived at the exit. He saw a car blocking the way in front and honked twice.

The security guard heard the honking and walked over, his face filled with frustration.

“The driver has gone into the estate already!”

Ethan frowned. “Give him a call and tell him to move his car.”

The guard immediately called the number he saw on the Porsche service center label and got through quickly.

“Sir, your car is parked at the exit and it’s blocking others, please come over and move your car,” the guard asked very politely. He knew that he couldn’t afford someone who could drive a luxury car like that.

“Move? What for? I’m just leaving it there for a while, tell him to wait!”

Ryan Harris immediately hung up and was gloating in his heart.

His Porsche cost most than a million bucks, who dared to touch it?

Just you wait!

The guard came back out, his expression awkward and helpless.

“He said to ask you to wait.”

Ethan’s face darkened. He was waiting to go for dinner with his mother-in-law.

This person merely owned a Porsche and thought that he was a big shot?

“What do we do? Or let’s walk out and get a cab?” Diane suggested dejectedly.

There was really nothing they could do with such a person.

“Otherwise forget it, I’ll go back and cook a couple of dishes,” April also chipped in.

“Oh no, I’ve already made a reservation at the restaurant. Besides, Mum, you should rest today. Don’t cook.”

Then Ethan changed gear and revved up the engine!

“Ethan, what are you doing?” Diane was feeling extra anxious.

The brand new BMW slammed straight into the Porsche. The front of the Porsche was instantly smashed in.

“Ethan! You’re nuts!” Diane couldn’t help but yelp.

This was a new car!

And they would have to compensate the other driver for knocking into their luxury car!

Ethan calmly replied, “Today is the first time I’m taking Mum to dinner, and I don’t want to be affected by others.”

He reversed and continued banging into the car. He banged it three times in a row until the Porsche had been sufficiently banged to one side, then drove the car out.

The security guard at the door was completely shocked by this.

This was way too audacious!

That was a BMW that was so new it didn’t even have a proper license plate yet, and he just used it to bang into another car?

And the other car was a Porsche!

He turned around to look. The front of the Porsche was already all bent in, and there were broken pieces everywhere.

There were many passersby who were watching in shock. There were some who couldn’t resist taking a video, and soon enough the videos went viral on the internet.

“My god! That’s incredible! A new car and he smashed it like that?”

“That owner of the Porsche is an awful person. Bet he parked it at the exit to show off right? Great, he’s met his match!”

“What happened after that? I can’t wait to see the face of the owner after he sees what happened to his Porsche! LOLOLOLOLOL”

The internet was immediately overflowing with comments criticizing how the Porsche owner was terribly inconsiderate, and supported the BMW guy for teaching him a lesson.

You have no idea how many girls started swooning over this, their blood rushing through their bodies from excitement!

Similarly, Diane and family could feel blood rushing through their bodies.

“Ethan, this car is brand new!”

William felt the pain in his heart.

This car was barely one day old, and the front must look awful now. It wasn’t his car, but he felt for it.

“It’ll cost a bomb to repair it, right?” April asked.

Diane didn’t say anything. She didn’t know how much it would cost to fix it. She could only turn to look at Ethan, trying to stop herself from asking if he’d gone crazy again.

“Oh no worries, no need to fix. I’ll just buy another one tomorrow.” Ethan calmly replied.

Diane and family stopped talking.

They could feel that Ethan and themselves were obviously people from two different worlds.

This man who didn’t think much of a few hundred thousand bucks was a homeless man?

Why was he willing to marry into their family?


There were a few people walking towards Magnolia Estates’s exit. The one right in front was the owner of the Porsche, Ryan Harris. Next to him was his elder sister, Sandra Harris. She was the auntie who was mocking April the other day.

“Sis, I got promoted and now I’ve been transferred to Greencliff Bank’s headquarters, my salary’s gone up by a lot! So I just got myself a luxury car!”

“Luxury car?” Sandra Harris replied. “My neighbor bought one too, a BMW I think. I heard it costs nearly $500,000!”

“A $500,000 BMW?”

Ryan Harris snorted disdainfully, “That sort of car can’t compare to my Porsche!”

He took out his car key and was about to unlock the car when he realized his car had disappeared from the exit!

He pressed the car key and saw the car lights turn on. At the side of the wall, the battered Porsche had only one light working…


Ryan Harris felt he was going to vomit blood soon, and passed out on the spot.

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