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Chapter 179

The silence was as if someone had splashed the viewers with a large tub of water.

They were all awake now.

After listening to the accusations earlier, everyone had become so angry and couldn’t wait to hunt William down and shred him to pieces since everything he had done was sufficient cause for anger.

But now?

Someone had realized something important – William was a cripple!

He couldn’t even take care of his own daily needs and he was the one with the least power and status in the Palmer family. He had been the joke of the city for so long.

How had he suddenly become a director at Palmer Group, and how could he have forced an employee to do anything?

He was still living in a poor neighborhood and his family could barely make ends meet. So how could he go around forcing people out of their houses?

How could he have fun with women in a club?

He could barely even get out of bed, so how could he have any fun with women?

Never mind the part about how the manager had broken bones. William was crippled in both legs!

It didn’t take a genius to suddenly realize that someone had set William up. They had become someone else’s knife, and they had been used by someone else.

Those people who were on Steven’s side were suddenly even more furious!

Nobody wanted to look like an idiot and nobody wanted to look like they were easy to fool. Even more people were unwilling to embarrass themselves in front of so many people. It made them look childish and stupid!

“I said so from the beginning, all of this is impossible! The program is just trying to do this for viewership, and they’ve purposely tried to smear William’s name!”

“Exactly! He’s crippled in both legs and I heard that he just managed to cure his legs recently. How can someone who’s just started walking again recently kick anybody? You think he knows kung fu?”

“Damn it, all those people who called in to accuse William are all wicked people! How could they say such awful things about William? There’s something fishy about this!”

The direction of the discussion turned 180 degrees almost immediately without any warning.

The host and Steven sat in the TV studio and they were both stunned by what happened.

Ethan had just put down the phone and many more people came calling in to question Steven. They wanted to know more details about all the things he said about William, and Steven wasn’t able to answer them.

He never imagined that the discussion would take such a turn. All those people who were initially on his side and accusing William together with him were now turning around to question him?

“These are all classified information and I can’t tell you. I can only say that William has really done all these awful things!” said Steven through clenched teeth.

“You claimed that William tried to harm you, so tell us how William tried to harm you! And how did he manage to turn the old Palmer Group, that was so firmly controlled by you back then, into his assets?”

“William never worked at Palmer Group back then and he didn’t even have a single share! So how did he take the company away from you? Don’t take all of us as idiots!”

“You’re lying! Steven is lying!”

The phone lines were about to explode soon, and the comments online were even more furious.

The fury wasn’t about William. It was about Steven. After his attempts at explaining things, the viewers realized that there were many contradictions. The more he tried to explain, the guiltier he seemed.

The host panicked and quickly cut off all calls. But this action made the viewers even more certain that this program was purposely trying to smear William’s reputation and was unforgivable!

Everything had exploded!

All the comments online had exploded, and there was a slew of headlines that started appearing online.

At this juncture, there was a post that quickly made it to the top of the trending topics.

This post was a news article that showed William was still on a wheelchair when he attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Greencliff Elementary School. The headlines read ‘New Palmer Group Will Donate First Month’s Profit to Greencliff Elementary School!”

After that it was more news articles on how Palmer Group donated books to the library, donated clothes and stationery, donated…

The new Palmer Group was headed by William, and the company had used their own efforts to contribute to the people living in Greencliff. Even if it was a small effort, they still persevered in giving.

This all started since the new Palmer Group was set up, and they had never stopped doing so!

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