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Chapter 178

Ethan nodded. “Let’s start.”

On the live broadcast, Steven had already finished using an entire box of tissue and his eyes were red and swollen from crying.

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

He thanked the person who called to comfort him earlier. But Steven was laughing coldly inside. He was laughing at all these foolish people who were so easy to fool.

He even thought that if he had gone into the entertainment industry, he might win an award for best actor or something.

The phone rang again and the host didn’t even think twice. “There are so many wonderful viewers who are concerned about Mr. Palmer. Let’s listen to our next caller!”


“Hello sir, are you also calling to show concern for Mr. Palmer?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Mr Steven is so pitiful, I really sympathize with him and I absolutely hate William!”

“Oh? Is there something you would like to say about this?”

“I want to sue William! My wife was an employee at Palmer Group but he forced himself on my wife and even had his eye on my underage daughter! I want to sue him!”

These words caused an uproar immediately.

Even Steven couldn’t have imagined that there would be such a scandalous accusation.

The host’s eyes lit up. “Can you be a bit more specific?”

“What do you mean by more specific? You mean you want me to tell you all the details of what they did? They were in the office, on the top floor of the building and he forced himself on my wife there!”

“He’s an overbearing and cruel crook!”

Everyone watching was even angrier now. William had actually done something like that!

“I want to complain against William too!” Another phone call came in. “He took my house away by force, saying that my house’s feng shui is excellent. He even said that if I didn’t move out immediately, he’d find someone to kill me!”

“Me too, me too! I’m a manager at an entertainment club, and this damned William came one day to have fun with our girls and said that he wasn’t satisfied so he refused to pay! I tried to argue with him and he just kicked me and broke my bones! I’m still in hospital now!”

“This William has really gone overboard. When he wanted to work with my company, he insisted on changing the contract, then after that he terminated the contract, so my company lost a few hundred million and we’re going bankrupt soon!”


Call after call came in, and made everyone so angry that they wanted to hunt William down and shred him to pieces!

William’s image was now the vilest man on earth.

He was vicious, despicable, violent, unethical, dishonest, treacherous…killing him a hundred times over wasn’t enough to dispel the anger among the people.

Tom Foster stood where he was and his heart was pounding wildly. All of these allegations were written by Ethan himself.

He really wondered if Ethan had forgotten that William was his father-in-law.

He looked at Ethan, but Ethan didn’t change his expression at all. He took out his own phone and dialed the hotline on the screen.

At this moment, Steven and the host were already ecstatic. They had no idea that so many people would add on to the damage. William couldn’t prove his innocence even if he jumped off a building now.


Ethan’s call went through and the host eagerly connected the call. “Hello sir, do you have something to complain against William?”

“Oh no, I just have a few questions,” said Ethan calmly. “According to what I know, Mr William got into a car accident many years ago and was paralyzed waist down. He has been wheelchair bound for the past ten years and he lives in a poor area of the city, plus he’s never worked at the old Palmer Group before. So I’m not sure how he managed to force himself on an employee in the Palmer Group office?”

“And how did he sign and break a contract with a company if he was just an ordinary person? How did the other party lose a few hundred million? And how would he have forced someone out of their house?”

“He even needs someone to take care of his daily needs, so how could he go to a club and have fun with girls, and even break the bones of the manager?”

Suddenly the entire TV studio quietened down.

Everyone watching in front of their TVs and computer monitors all quietened down.

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