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Chapter 177

Diane was completely confused.

What was Ethan talking about?

What was he referring to when he called it a free advertisement that they couldn’t waste?

Steven was now trying his best to destroy William’s reputation in front of the entire city of Greencliff and smearing his reputation. This was no advertisement.



“Alright then.”

There was no need for Ethan to say too much. Diane didn’t say what she wanted to say. She was used to believing in Ethan.

If Ethan wasn’t worried, then there was no problem.

William was her father, but Ethan would protect him too. Ethan wouldn’t let someone else destroy him like this.

After putting down the phone, Diane walked back to William. She picked up her father’s trembling hand and said, “Dad, don’t worry, Ethan will settle it.”

William and April both turned to look at Diane.

Somehow everyone calmed down when they heard Ethan’s name.

It seemed as though nothing seemed too difficult for Ethan to handle. Nobody had been able to do any harm to this family as long as Ethan was around.

“Dear, as long as Ethan is around, there’ll be no problem.” April took a deep breath. She believed in Ethan too. “He will make Steven pay for doing this!”

William nodded.

He had no idea what else could be done. This program was being broadcast live both on TV and on the internet.

Almost all of Greencliff would know about the things said tonight. Even though they were all false allegations, it would be hard for William to prove his innocence.

The three of them quietened down, but they were still a little nervous and worried.

Steven was now displaying his full acting chops on TV. His voice cracked as he accused William of snatching away the Palmer family assets, bringing harm to his own brother and even accused him of causing his own father to suffer a stroke. It sounded like such a tragedy.

He claimed to have gone on TV not because he wanted any of his assets back, but because he wanted to seek justice. He claimed that he wanted everyone to see William’s true colors and not to be cheated by William anymore.

With Steven looking all pitiful and Gerald in a daze on the wheelchair, who would suspect anything?

There were many people cursing at both their TV screens and computer monitors.

“He’s such a wicked man!”

“He even tried to harm his own brother? He did anything for the sake of money? This William is really vicious!”

“He’s an animal! Or worse than animal! He even made his own father suffer a stroke! Doesn’t he know where the limit is?!”

There were many people getting angry as they watched this program. There were even people calling in to comfort Steven and to express their sympathy.

That was the effect that Steven wanted!

“We have another passionate viewer calling in, let’s connect the call.”

The host sighed, but he met Steven’s eyes and they could see the glee in each other’s eyes. This feeling of controlling the masses was amazing.

“Mr. Palmer, don’t be sad. William is worse than an animal and he will get his retribution! I’m never buying anything from them anymore! I’m on your side!”

“I can’t believe a man like that can actually still keep his business open! All you bosses out there, don’t work with this man anymore! In case he does you in too!”

“Boycott William! Boycott Palmer Group!”

Call after call came in sounding like this, and William couldn’t defend himself even if he had a hundred mouths now.

This hatred and this anger continued to build up as the viewers continued to target Palmer Group together. It was as if Palmer Group had done something terrible to these bystanders to incur their wrath.

“Goddammit this bloody Steven can really act!” Brother Geoff couldn’t stand watching this any longer. “Big Boss, I’ll sneak in and kill him!”

He was angry just hearing all these false allegations. How dare this Steven twist the truth like that?

If Ethan gave the order, he would rush in and kill Steven even if he had to make a scene at the live broadcast.

But Ethan remained calm.

He decided that it was about time. He turned to Tom Foster, “All ready to go?”

“No problem.”

Tom Foster had no idea what Ethan was planning, but he followed all of Ethan’s instructions to the letter.

Ethan had asked him to arrange for some people who had studied acting before to call the hotline and accuse William. Ethan had even written the script for them, so everything they had to say and how to say it was all clearly stated.

Tom Foster looked at the script and realized these words were even worse than whatever Steven was saying!

Wasn’t William supposed to be Ethan’s father-in-law?!

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