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Chapter 176

Steven nodded and there was a cold smile on his lips.

Just follow the script?

He was going to make sure William and his family’s reputation was in tatters after this!

“How’s it? You can still have a moment of glory before you die.” Steven turned to look at Gerald. “If this matter goes well, I’ll put you in a better nursing home. But if it doesn’t…”

There was a cold glint in his eyes.

Gerald’s Adam’s apple moved and his lips trembled. There were tears flowing down as he wondered how he had been so blind as to trust this son!

The lights were all on.

All the cameras were on standby.

This was a live broadcast!

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of “Happenings in the House”, I’m your host…”

After the opening speech, the host started to introduce Gerald who was seated in a wheelchair, as well as Steven, who had a grim expression on his face and was wearing very plain looking clothes that even had patches sewn on.

“Palmer Group used to be one of the top companies in Greencliff, but it suddenly went bankrupt not too long ago! After that, a new Palmer Group appeared…my dear viewers, this is not a TV drama about the corporate world. This is a real story that happened in our midst, a real thing that happened to this family!”

“I’ll like to invite someone who knows the backstory, the previous CEO of Palmer Group, Steven Plamer, to tell us the truth behind all of this…”

The spotlight shone on Steven. All the cameras were aimed at him, and his face immediately appeared on big and small screens all over the city.

There was sorrow, despair, anger and indignation written on Steven’s face.

Even an Oscar winning actor might not have been as realistic as Steven’s acting.

“Palmer Group went bankrupt not because of management issues, and not because of any external issues. It was all because of an internal fight within the family.” Steven laughed bitterly and carried on, “Our family wasn’t some rich and powerful family to begin with, but we had some money, so my father and I worked hard to improve the company. We wanted to advance further, but we never thought…”

“You can guard the doors day and night, but you’d never be able to guard against a thief within the family!” Steven’s expression suddenly became fierce as he started shouting angrily. “William! I know you’re watching this! I want to ask you – can you even sleep at night? Don’t you feel guilty at all? You caused Dad to suffer a stroke, you caused me to nearly die and you caused the Palmer family to fall apart! Doesn’t your conscience prick you at night?!”

“Now you’ve set up a brand new Palmer Group and you’ve taken all the Palmer family assets. Happy now?!”

At this moment, every large and small screen in Greencliff was broadcasting Steven’s hysterical accusations and allegations.

William was watching too.

He was watching TV in the house. Steven had reversed the facts, twisted the truth, and blamed everything on William!

“He’s gone too far!” April was furious. “Steven is an animal for smearing your reputation! He’s actually maligning you on TV!”

How did the Palmer family turn out like this in the first place?

It was because of that greedy Steven!

But he had actually pushed all the blame onto William and gave him a bad name in front of the entire city of Greencliff. Even if there were some people who didn’t believe it, this was still very damaging to William.

And Palmer Group might be dragged down along too. Who would still want to work with William if they thought he was vicious, cruel and despicable?

April was so angry that her body was shaking. She didn’t want her husband to be maligned like this.

William was equally angry and he clenched his fists tightly. He never dreamt that Steven took Gerald away in order to set a trap like that for himself.

Steven was really vicious!

Diane was sitting beside them and getting anxious. If this went on, both William and Palmer Group were doomed.

She called Ethan and her voice was very anxious, “What do we do now? Is there a way to stop the broadcast? If this goes on, how are we going to solve it?”

Steven was making something out of nothing, and if someone spread this news, then the damage they would suffer would be even worse than if all these things really happened.

Palmer Group’s public relations team wasn’t in time to do anything about this.

“We can’t stop this live broadcast,” replied Ethan directly. “If we stop it, then the viewers would think that we’re guilty.”

Steven had thought of this too, and that’s why he dared to boldly go on TV and say what he wanted to. He knew that even if Ethan somehow managed to stop the program, it would make others think that everything Steven said was true.

Because, otherwise why would the program be stopped?

Diane became even more anxious after hearing that.

“Then what should we do?”

“Let him continue. Since someone actually wants to put up an advertisement for Dad, then we shouldn’t waste it. It doesn’t cost us anything too!”

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