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Chapter 175

“Did you already know that my mum would agree?”

Ethan let go of his blanket. “Both Dad and Mum are filial people. It’s very hard to change their basic personalities. Besides, the old man should have suffered enough by now to know he was wrong.”

How well could an elderly stroke patient live in a nursing home?

It didn’t take a genius to know.

“My Grandpa wasn’t like this before,” said Diane vey quietly. “At least when I was a child, he was really nice to me.”

“Then after my dad got into that car accident, Steven took over the family and said that girls are useless to the family because girls would eventually have to be married out of the family, and everything changed…”

Ethan knew that Diane was trying to convince herself to agree with William’s thinking.

“Yup, it’s the fault of Steven and his son. A pity we let them get away,” said Ethan. “Or do you want me to find them and beat them up for you?”

“No don’t!” Diane replied. “Geoff and the rest will kill them!”

They all called her Boss Diane, and always bowed reverently at a 90 degree angle every time they saw her. Initially Diane was really not used to it, because she felt like she was the wife of some big mafia boss or something.

After that…after that it just became a formality which was a strange thing in itself. But in any case, the reverence they showed her never changed. It was still the same as before.

“Whatever my wife says,” replied Ethan.

“Go to bed then.”

Diane turned and didn’t speak anymore.

Ethan wanted to say that the floor was really cold, but in the end he just continued enduring it.

They didn’t speak for the rest of the night.

The first thing the next morning, Number 3 was already waiting at the door with that brand new BMW 7 series car.

Ethan and the rest had changed and was ready to head for the nursing home to pick Gerald up.

Oakhurst Nursing Home.

It was an average nursing home in Greencliff and they took in a lot of old folks all the time. The fees weren’t very high, so the service wasn’t too good. In fact, there were a few rumors about the elderly being abused inside.

But because it was fairly cheap, it didn’t always have vacancies.

William and the rest went straight to the director’s office to talk about taking Gerald out. The moment the director saw so many of them as well as that brand new BMW outside, he was very polite to them and quickly made arrangements.

But after a while, he came back and said, “Gerald was taken out of the home yesterday.”

“By who?” William instantly became anxious.

Nobody else in Greencliff would care about Gerald now.

Gerald had suffered a stroke and couldn’t even take care of himself now.

“He said that he’s Gerald’s son, and the visitor records state his name is Steven Palmer.”

William’s expression instantly darkened when he heard Steven’s name. He had a bad feeling about this.

“Steven? What is he trying to do?!”

William was furious.

He knew Steven very well. This bastard was definitely not bringing Gerald back to take care of him.

“Did he leave any other message or contact?” asked Ethan.

“No he didn’t,” replied the director. “But when he took Gerald away, Gerald didn’t seem very willing to go with him and even looked rather afraid of him.”

William became even more anxious.

Gerald might not survive long in Steven’s hands. Steven was someone who was even worse than an animal!

“Dad, don’t be anxious,” Ethan said. “Since Steven is back, I’m sure he’s still in Greencliff. I’ll track him down.”

He turned to Number 3. “Call Tom. Tell him to track him down.”

“Got it!”

Number 3 immediately made the call. .

Of course William was worried.

Gerald had suffered a stroke and couldn’t even take care of himself. Besides, he wasn’t holding onto any of the Palmer family assets anymore. Steven wouldn’t do anything that didn’t benefit himself.

He had some other motive for taking Gerald away.

“Don’t worry, if Ethan says he can find him, he will definitely find him,” April tried to console him.

She knew William was really worried about the old man.

Ethan got Number 3 to send the rest home and he went ahead to look for Tom Foster.

The whole of Greencliff was now undergoing a huge revamp and was going to become a great network of information. Mayor Tyson took care of the legal circle and Tom Foster took care of the illegal circle. It was still in its beginning stages of the revamp, but it was still equally efficient.

They found Steven very quickly.

This man actually dared to return to Greencliff!

“He’s at the TV station.” Tom Foster frowned slightly. “I don’t know what he’s up to.”

“Big Boss, you want me to pull him out from the TV station?”

Ethan shook his head.

It was best not to do anything rash at a TV station, because it might cause a negative impact on the people and it was hard for even Mayor Tyson to clean this sort of mess up.

The power of the media was a force to be reckoned with, and it stood independent of everything else.

“I want to see what this fellow is up to,” replied Ethan. “Also, call Tyson. You two have to set up everything quickly and make sure Greencliff is as solid as iron. Don’t miss out on covering the media.”

Tom Foster nodded. He had forgotten about the media before this.

Within the TV station.

Steven was seated on the sofa. Gerald was next to him with a pale face and was expressionless, as if he was just waiting to die.

There was a faint stench coming from him. Steven had no idea how often they bathed him at the nursing home.

“Mr. Palmer, the program is about to begin, please get ready.”

The host of the program then looked around to make sure there wasn’t anybody around. He whispered, “Young Master Price said you just have to follow the script.”

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