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Chapter 174

William was referring to Gerald.

After Steven sold off the Palmer family assets cheaply to Ray Lewis, he had also sold off the bungalow that Gerald used to live in and threw Gerald into a nursing home. He had left a bit of money behind and didn’t care anymore after that.

William could only imagine what sort of despair an old man who had suffered a stroke and was spending his days in a nursing home would be going through.

His eyes were red. “He had done many wrong things and I’ve blamed him before. I’ve even hated him before.”

If not for Gerald, April wouldn’t have suffered so much. Diane might have been able to continue what she wanted to do, and furthered her studies.

But Gerald was his own father after all. He felt awful about having to watch Gerald wait to die all by himself.

“I know this old man has done many terrible things and made all of you sad, and I’m angry about it too,” William looked at April and Diane. “But he’s my father after all, and I can’t bear to just watch him…”

April didn’t say anything.

She didn’t move her chopsticks either. She looked at William and it was hard to tell what she was feeling from her expression.

If you wanted to talk about being angry, April could get angry, and she could get very angry too.

After she had married into the Palmer family, she had suffered so much and had been disdained and cast aside so many times. She never talked about it but William knew about all of this.

The home had finally become better now. So if they took that old man back in, would a war start again?

“Dear,” William started. He could tell April wasn’t very happy about this. “I’m just suggesting this and I want to discuss with all of you. If you don’t agree, it’s alright. After all, he was the one who let you down.”

He took a deep breath and squeezed a smile out. “Those who did wrong should be rightfully punished after all.”

Diane didn’t say anything either. She knew that the one who had suffered the most was April. If April didn’t say anything, she didn’t have the right to say anything.

Ethan hadn’t spent a long time in this family and wasn’t so sure about some of the things that happened in the past, so he wasn’t going to say anything either.

But he knew that William was a filial son, both in the past and now. He was a kindhearted man to begin with, and this was something that he couldn’t change. In fact, that was exactly why April fell for him, and that was also why April continued to stay by his side despite all that happened.

This entire family was kindhearted. William, April were both kind, and they had brought up an even kinder Diane.

A kindhearted family.

“Dear, don’t be angry, ok?” William started getting anxious when he saw that April wasn’t saying anything.

He quickly threw glances at Diane and Ethan to help persuade their mum.

Not to persuade her to agree, but to persuade her not to be angry.

“I’m not angry.” April rolled her eyes at William before Diane could help. “I’m just wondering where the old man will sleep since our house is so small. Surely you can’t let an elderly stroke patient sleep on the sofa, right?”

In the hospital, April had been together with William everyday and knew that William had not slept well since he found out about what happened to Gerald. As his wife, she naturally knew what he was thinking about.

Of course she hated him!

She had suffered so much, so it was difficult for her to forget what happened or to forgive him so easily. She was kindhearted, but she wasn’t a saint.

But she didn’t want William to feel guilty or upset either.

That was her husband. The man she loved the most.

William froze when he heard April’s response and didn’t react.

Even Diane was stunned.

This must have been a hard decision for April to make.

“Why are all of you looking at me?” April scoffed when she saw that everyone’s eyes were on her. “All you Palmers are horrible people and only know how to bully me. Since you’ve already decided, then I can’t raise any objections.”

“Ethan, you and I are going to be on the same team from now on, so you have to protect me, ok?”

Ethan smiled and nodded. “No problem.”

“Dear, you’re really agreeable to this?” William asked excitedly.

“If not?”

April looked at her husband. She knew William too well. If she didn’t agree, he would find it hard to sleep, he would feel guilty and he would lose his appetite. She didn’t know how she had fallen for such a man.

“Thank you dear!” William grabbed April and kissed her on the lips. April’s face instantly blushed and pushed him away.

“What are you doing! The children are all here!”

She turned around to see Ethan and Diane both cover their eyes at the same time.

“We didn’t see anything!”

Late at night, Ethan kept turning on the floor. He was trying to use his actions to tell Diane that the floor was a little cold and hoped she would let him sleep on the bed.

But Diane didn’t say anything.



When he suddenly heard Diane’s voice, Ethan was ready to get up and roll his blanket away already.

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