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Chapter 173

The phone rang at this moment.

Ethan cursed in his heart.

“I’ll…I’ll go pick up the phone first.” Diane stood up in a panic and her entire face was red.

She told herself that she couldn’t stay with Ethan in the office alone anymore. It was too dangerous!

She even…she even had some feelings of anticipation earlier!

Diane quickly walked to her desk and picked up the phone. It was a call from April.

“Dad is going to be discharged? Ok, we’ll go home in a while!”

Diane said to Ethan after she hung up, “Dad is getting discharged so Mum wants us to go home early today. She’ll whip up a few dishes to celebrate.”

Ethan stretched lazily. “I’m finally going to get to eat Mum’s cooking again. I miss my sweet vinegar pork ribs.”

Diane had cooked a few times and while Ethan managed to eat it all, Diane couldn’t stand it at all. They ended up settling all their meals at Golden Jade Restaurant.

“Mum also said Dad has something he wants to discuss with us.”

“Ok, let’s go home then.”

Ethan walked over to where Diane was standing. Diane could smell his manly scent and her face was still red.

“You said you were going to pick up the call first, then what about after the call?”

Ethan bent his head a little and looked at Diane.


Diane avoided Ethan’s eyes. “Then what? Then go home!”

She then grabbed her handbag and ran out in a hurry.

Ethan didn’t get angry. In fact he was rather happy to see how Diane was all shy and frantic. She was all ready earlier but she lacked that bit of courage.

Was it so hard to just kiss him?

At the Palmer’s.

What a feast!

There were only four of them, but there were eight dishes!

April had cooked all the dishes she was best at.

The whole family sat down together and William exclaimed, “I’ve always only dreamt of this day. I can’t believe my dream has come true!”

He looked at Ethan and raised his glass. “Ethan, let me toast you first!”

Ethan smiled and didn’t say anything. He clinked glasses with William and gulped everything down.

“Ethan, try and see if today’s ribs are crispy enough?” April asked with a sweet smile.

Without Ethan, her family wouldn’t become so happy. She liked this boy the more she looked at him.

“So crispy! They’re so yummy!”

“Try this too,” April put a piece of fish into Ethan’s bowl. “Eat more fish, it’s good for you. It’s been hard on you since you’ve been attending to so many matters.”

“Thank you, Mum.”

“Oh and this too. I hardly cook this, so I don’t know if you’d like it.”

“Oh, I love this. It’s delicious!”

Diane stared at her own parents. One was drinking with Ethan while the other was busy putting food into Ethan’s bowl. She couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose.

Why didn’t anyone take food for her?

“My dear mother, I’m your daughter ok.”

She looked at April with a face filled with jealousy. “Aren’t you going to get any food for your daughter?”

“Get your own food! Don’t you have hands?” April rolled her eyes at her and then placed the entire plate of sweet vinegar ribs in front of Ethan.

“And my dear father…”

“Girls shouldn’t drink.” William smiled at Ethan, “Come, Ethan, let’s have another round.”

Diane wanted to cry.

She suddenly had an urge to move out. This wasn’t her home anymore, and these parents weren’t hers either.

Boohoo…Ethan had snatched them away from her!

After eating and drinking, William’s face was a little red. April hadn’t allowed him to drink too much since he had just recovered, but his face had still turned red anyway.

“I have something I want to discuss with all of you.”

He took a deep breath and looked at everyone. After hesitating, he finally spoke up, “I want to take my father back here to take care of him.”

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