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Chapter 172

The most important project on her hands was settled and she had even gained the upper hand as well as a huge profit for the company, so Diane could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

She had been in charge of the company these few months. The weight of the company on her shoulders was really heavy.

She wished that William would get well soon so that he could share her burden, but she also wished that William could get more time to rest.

The good thing was that she had Ethan around. No matter what trouble she ran into, this man would always be by her side.

“Dad can walk around normally already, so he said he’ll be back in the office after a couple of days.” Diane massaged her aching neck. “With him around, I can relax a little.”

She glanced at Ethan to find that he was just drinking his tea and didn’t seem to have heard her.

“Hey!” She was annoyed. “I’m talking to you.”

“Hmm?” Ethan laughed. “I’m listening, keep talking.”

“Humph, I’m done talking,” Diane scoffed.

This guy seemed very distracted.

She walked over and swirled a tea cup in her hands. “Should we still keep David Ferla around?”

Something so terrible had nearly happened to the company. If not for Ethan, Palmer Group would have suffered a tremendous loss.

“He’s a real talent and doesn’t have any ambition. Dad chose to keep him around for a reason,” replied Ethan. “As for that weakness of his, it won’t be a weakness anymore.”

“Why?” Diane didn’t understand.

Ethan burst out laughing. “He’s been traumatized.”

Wasn’t it so?

Director Ferla had been so elated to meet a pretty woman like Rion, but the moment he thought about how he could have become a broccoli, he would probably avoid having any such contact with women over the next few months.

David Ferla loved to womanize, but he was more afraid to die.

This was his real fatal flaw.

Diane blushed. Ethan had said all this very calmly but she felt embarrassed.

She had no idea how Ethan managed to talk about such things without feeling embarrassed.

Rion had led a very promiscuous life, and that was how she had managed to rise up so quickly. Diane really despised those who used their own bodies and pride in exchange for money and status. She really couldn’t accept that.

“Alright now. Anyway you don’t have to worry about this, Dad will settle it when he comes back,” said Ethan with a smile.

William was going to come back soon, so the pressure on Diane would be much lighter.

It had been really hard on Diane these few months.

He looked up at her. “Why don’t I bring you to Fairbanks to play for a couple of days and relax?”


Diane fluttered her eyes and wanted to agree, but then there were so many things to attend to in the office, and she didn’t know what to do in Fairbanks either.

“Yeah, it’s because of Jenny,” replied Ethan. “Jenny called me and said she wanted to register for a university in Fairbanks and asked me for my opinion.”

“What?” Diane was surprised. “She asked you? Why didn’t she ask me? What’s the point in asking you?”

Diane had graduated from a prestigious university in Fairbanks, so Jenny should have asked her instead. Ethan was just an elder of his Beggars’ Sect and never went to university, so there was no point in asking him.

Ethan laughed. “I told her I’d bring her round to take a look at the universities in Fairbanks. She can pick whichever one she fancies.”

Diane looked suspiciously at Ethan. “Jenny is still young, so don’t try anything funny.”

Ethan froze for a while before he suddenly pulled Diane into his arms. Diane instantly became nervous and nearly screamed. But she didn’t dare to make any noise because she was afraid the staff outside would hear her.

“Try anything funny?” Ethan’s eyes sparkled like the stars. “If I want to try anything funny, that would only be with you!”

Diane’s heart started racing. She felt like she was going to fall into Ethan’s deep eyes.

The two of them looked at each other as the atmosphere became more and more amorous. Diane was all stiff and didn’t know where to put her hands. She just knew that she ought to close her eyes…

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