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Chapter 171

“Rion, go ahead and tell her. If you dare to say anything, I guarantee that you won’t live to see tomorrow!” Gentry laughed coldly and hung up immediately.

That cold and malicious air from Gentry made Rion shudder.

Gentry didn’t care at all.

She knew that Gentry was backed by the illegal circle. She had been too rash and actually tried to threaten him. She suddenly realized she was in deep trouble.

Gentry might try to kill her and seal her lips!

Rion started panicking and didn’t think about her crooked face anymore. She grabbed her clothes and quickly escaped Greencliff.

She was afraid that if she took any longer to leave, she would die!

Gentry remained expressionless after hanging up, and he didn’t look angry.

But none of the men around him dared to say anything. They even tried to make sure their breathing couldn’t be heard.

Gentry suddenly picked up the tea cup on the table and smashed it violently onto the floor. His frustration turned into fury. “Trash! All trash! Useless pieces of trash!!”

She couldn’t even settle such a simple matter. She was just trash!

“I can’t believe Ethan managed to smell a rat so easily. He’s not easy to handle at all!”

He clenched his teeth. He knew Ethan must have sensed something was amiss and found out about Rion, so the plan fell through.

He wanted to kill three birds with one stone. He wanted to destroy Diane’s reputation, deal a fatal blow to Palmer Group and take over Palmer Group’s projects. But his very first step had already failed.

And it was all Ethan’s fault!

Gentry closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then his eyes opened again and he looked at the men beside him.

“Found the people I instructed you to?”

“Young Master Price, found them. They’re locked up in the warehouse now.”

Gentry got up. “Let’s go.”

He went straight to the warehouse.

This dark and deserted warehouse had almost no traces of any human activity. It was a place that Gentry specially used to hold people captive.

Right now, Steven and his son were both wearing nothing and tied tightly to a metal shelf with ropes.

The warehouse was freezing in this weather. The two of them were covered in tears and mucus and they were shivering very violently.

“Please…please let us go…” Archie was crying. “I beg you, let us go, we’ll give you all the money you want.”

“Help! Help us!”

There was no point in shouting. Nobody would care about him.

“Shut up!”

Steven clenched his teeth and there were some scratches on his body.

Before this, Steven had taken the money he made from selling the old Palmer Group cheaply to Ray Lewis and was prepared to escape Greencliff and restart his business in another city. But just after he made it out of Greencliff, he had been captured.

At first he thought these were Ethan’s men, but they turned out not to be.

The warehouse door was opened and a few men walked in.

Steven looked up but the light was too glaring for him to open his eyes. He could only see who had arrived after the door was shut.

“It’s you!” Archie shouted. “Gentry! Why is it you?! We’re such good friends! How could you do this to me?!”

He never imagined it would be Gentry.

Gentry now no longer had that smiling face that he used when he mixed with Archie. Now there was a ruthlessness on his icy expression. Archie wanted to say more but now he didn’t dare to anymore.

Steven was still fairly calm.

Gentry had captured them both but didn’t do anything to them, so he clearly didn’t intend to kill them.

“What do you want?” Steven looked at Gentry as he took a deep breath. It was too cold, so his voice quivered slightly.

“I would like to give you two a chance at revenge.” Gentry looked at both of them. “But I’m not sure if you’re willing to.”

“Revenge?” Steven laughed coldly. “If you want to use us, then say so!”

“Hoho, CEO Palmer, you’re indeed someone who has been through a lot,” said Gentry. “I want to go up against Palmer Group and against Ethan. I’m sure we’re on the same page when it comes to this.”

There was a glint in Steven’s eye.

He didn’t think Gentry would suddenly want to fight Palmer Group. He had been locked up here and didn’t know what happened at all. Gentry could see all the questions on his face.

“They…killed my younger brother!” Gentry nearly roared this statement out. “I’m going to make them pay!”

Steven and his son both shuddered.

“What…what do you intend to do?” Steven asked after a long while.

Gentry laughed. This laughter was sinister, sly and made one’s hair stand on end.

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