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Chapter 170


David Ferla finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this response.

The contract was printed out and after the legal department checked it and found no problems, both sides signed it. Everything was so smooth sailing that the whole process only took less than 30 minutes to settle.

“Director Ferla, you’re really a good negotiator, we’ve lost this round,” said the representative from Sitka Group sincerely.

He looked at Diane. “I’m so envious that Palmer Group has such a capable senior director.”

Diane just smiled and didn’t say anything.

She had to hold it in. She was afraid that she might burst out laughing and ruin her prim and proper CEO image.

She knew that Ethan had arranged all of this. He had forced David Ferla to follow his instructions and get the contract signed. Otherwise David Ferla wasn’t going anywhere, never mind go to hospital.

“CEO Palmer, since this matter is settled, then…” David Ferla smiled sheepishly.

“Director Ferla, you can’t leave now. Why don’t you stay and have a meal?” asked Ethan with a serious face.

David Ferla was really going to cry.

He was in no mood to eat now!

He didn’t want to die, and he didn’t want to turn into a broccoli.

“That’s right, Director Ferla, you’ve got to stay. We’ve already signed the contract, but I’m really upset we lost and I think we could continue to exchange tips over dinner!” the representative from Sitka Group added on.

“Director Ferla, do you have something urgent to attend to?” asked Diane with great concern.


David Ferla gulped. “CEO Palmer, I’m not feeling very well so I would like to pay the hospital a visit.”

“Oh no!” Diane pretended to be all shocked. “That’s more important then! We have plenty of chances to eat together in the future, your health is the most important.”

David Ferla almost started crying when he heard these words and kept nodding.

“Thank you for your concern, CEO Palmer! Thank you…”

“I’ll go with Director Ferla then. I feel so bad as the CEO seeing how my employee has worked so hard for the company to the point where he feels unwell.” Diane turned to Ethan, “Let’s go together?”

David Ferla quickly waved his hands.

He was going to check on such a private matter, so there was no way he was letting anyone go with him.

“No no no! No need!” replied David Ferla frantically. “No need to trouble CEO Palmer, I’ll go by myself. You guys go ahead and have dinner, I’ll treat all of you next time! I’ll treat everyone and we can have a good chat!”

He couldn’t stay any longer. He waved to the rest of the investor team and left quickly.

He was really afraid that Diane would follow him out of concern.

That would really be too embarrassing.

Diane really wanted to laugh when she saw how frantic David Ferla was, but she had to endure it.

She looked at Ethan as if to say, “You’re so bad! Look how you’ve frightened him!”

Ethan looked back at her in reply, “I didn’t scare him. That report is real.”


Rion had failed.

She thought this matter would be settled easily and even tried to get Gentry to give her credit already.

She didn’t expect her medical report to suddenly appear and ruin all her plans.

And that kick from David Ferla had caused her jaw to be crooked. It took her a long time before she managed to make herself look more normal.

“Young Master Price, the contract didn’t get signed. David Ferla suddenly changed his mind.” Rion didn’t dare to tell him about the medical report. “I’m sorry, I’ve already tried my best. As for the money…”

“Useless trash!” cursed Gentry loudly.

He had already started preparing the next stage of his plan, but she had told him that the first stage had failed.

And she still wanted money?

She was lucky that he didn’t kill her!

“You can’t even get a small thing like this done? You useless woman!”

“Young Master Price, I’ve tried my best. I didn’t get the result but I’ve put in effort, so how could you say that about me?”

Rion was equally frustrated.

Her face had been kicked out of shape. Without enough money, she couldn’t fix this nor maintain her looks. So she had to get the money she deserved.

“Young Master Price, I know what you’re plotting against Palmer Group. If you don’t give me the money, I’ll tell Diane!” Rion continued to threaten him, “If she knows you did it, she won’t let you off.”

There was silence on the other end.

Rion thought that she had managed to convince Gentry and became gleeful. “I don’t want much, just $1 million. Give me the money and we’re even!”

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