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Chapter 169

“CEO…CEO Palmer, why are you here?” David Ferla was frantic and anxious and was on the verge of tears.

“I should be asking you this question, Director Ferla.” Diane smiled faintly and pretended to ask curiously, “I thought you went to get the contract signed? Why are you in the hotel?”

David Ferla’s face turned red as he looked at Diane, then looked at Ethan standing next to her. He knew that he couldn’t hide anything from them anymore.


He thought about how to explain himself, but how else could he explain himself?

Was Diane and Ethan here to book a hotel room? Of course not! Obviously they were here to block his way!

“No problem, I’ve asked the investment team from Sitka Group to meet us at the restaurant on the first floor, would you like to join us?”

David Ferla opened his mouth and wanted to say that he didn’t feel well and was going to the hospital, but Diane didn’t wait for his answer and started walking towards the restaurant.

“Director Ferla, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Ethan walked over and patted David Ferla’s shoulder. “You seem very pale.”

“N-n-no, I’m fine,” David Ferla quickly squeezed a smile out.

“I’m a guy too, I understand,” Ethan smiled. “It’s alright to have fun, but be careful. There was once I saw this guy in the toilet, my goodness it was all green and furry down there like a broccoli! It was so frightening!”

“I heard that you might even die!”

David Ferla’s face paled even further.

His legs were wobbly and wanted to say he really needed to go get himself checked at the hospital!

Ethan pulled an arm around his shoulder and said, “Come on, we broke our promise to Sitka Group, so we have to apologize and ask for their forgiveness. At least have a meal and some drinks with them, then we could go for a karaoke session and a bath?”

“I’m sure Director Ferla is really good at this, so I’ll have to trouble you to come along with us,” said Ethan with a smile.

David Ferla could feel that the virus in his body was moving upwards from his nether region. It felt like it was going to spread and start growing green and furry…

He was going to become a broccoli!

He was very frightened.

“Can…can we not change investors?” David Ferla looked like he was really going to cry. “Sitka Group is very suitable for us, and after considering it again, I think they’re more suitable. We’ll sign with them? I’ll talk to them and we’ll get the contract signed in record time, I promise the company won’t suffer any losses!”

He was really getting anxious.

Would this virus spread if he went to get treatment late?

Would it become incurable?

“You don’t want to change anymore?” Ethan pretended to look all shocked. “Oh no, but Director Ferla, you said you wanted to change investors, so Sitka Group thought their offer wasn’t good enough and wanted to discuss further with CEO Palmer. Director Ferla, do you think we still stand a chance?”

“Yes we do! YES!”

“Their offer wasn’t good enough! We should fight for more benefits for the Palmer Group!”

“If they want to work with Palmer Group, then we should benefit more. I purposely made this move so that we could gain the upper hand!”

David Ferla clenched his fist. “We must get this signed! And we have to get it signed as soon as possible! I’ll talk to them right now!”

He couldn’t wait any longer.

He rushed into the restaurant.

Diane had asked the investment team from Sitka Group out, but she didn’t tell them that they intended to change investors. She only told them that she wanted to discuss more details with them before signing.

The group from Sitka Group clearly did not intend to compromise and was all prepared to defend their contract.

But the moment David Ferla sat down at the table, he displayed his amazing negotiation skills!

He spoke so eloquently and convincingly that the entire group was dumbfounded. Besides nodding and agreeing, they couldn’t say anything else.

“That’s a deal then. Working with Palmer Group will be the best decision you’ve made this year!”

David Ferla didn’t want to say anymore. “Since we’ve agreed on all the details of the contract, then we can get the hotel to print the contract out now. If your legal department has no issues, we can sign it right here.”

Then he looked at Diane and used his eyes to ask Diane if she was satisfied with this.

If he waited any longer, he was really afraid that he was going to turn into a broccoli before he reached the hospital!

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