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Chapter 168

When he saw the last few sentences, David Ferla trembled even harder. There was fear in his eyes as well as some regret and panic.

“Director Ferla, I’m coming!”

The bathroom door opened.

Rion was dressed in a nearly see through lingerie as she sashayed over, and perfume covered her entire body.

She smiled sweetly at David Ferla and said, “Why don’t we have a little interaction while signing the contract?”

Rion climbed onto the bed.

“Don’t come any nearer! Don’t come any nearer!” David Ferla started yelling at her as if she was a vengeful ghost about to pounce on him, and he looked terrified.

Rion was puzzled. What was going on?

“I said don’t come any nearer! Don’t come any nearer! Move further away!” David Ferla’s voice was becoming shrill now. “You animal! Are you still human? How could you do this to me?!”

He had a face filled with terror as he kept moving away from her until he hit the wall.

“Director Ferla, what are you talking about? What have I done to you?”

Rion was completely stunned. She didn’t know what happened at all.

David Ferla had looked at her with great anticipation earlier, so why did he now look at her as if she was a terrible plague?

“You’re still trying to lie to me! Read it for yourself!”

David Ferla flung the paper in the envelope at her.

Rion picked it up and nearly fainted. That was her medical report! Her face paled. What on earth was going on?

After Ethan said that there was a dead fish smell coming from her private parts the week before, she went to get herself checked. She hadn’t even collected the report herself, so how did it appear here?

She continued reading and screamed in fright herself.

The final diagnosis was that she had a severe type of STD!

And it was infectious!

Rion’s lips paled. “What’s my report doing here?!”

David Ferla nearly fainted when he heard these words. So this report was real?

This was no surprise! This was a bloody shock! She had an STD! And it was serious and difficult to treat!

He remembered that he had been too excited the last round and hadn’t put on a condom in time. He was doomed. He was really doomed.

David Ferla nearly stopped breathing. He hadn’t knocked her up, but he might have knocked himself out this time!

“Director Ferla! This report is fake!” Rion also panicked and quickly said, “Someone must be trying to harm me! Don’t believe it, don’t believe it!”

And how was David Ferla supposed to not believe the report?

Even if he didn’t believe the report, he didn’t dare to touch Rion anymore.

If the report turned out to be true, it might kill him!

“Don’t come any nearer!” David Ferla yelled in fright when he saw Rion move towards him. “I don’t have any feud with you, why did you try to harm me?!”

“Director Ferla, I didn’t!” Rion was on the verge of tears and she was scared too. “I wanted to sign the contract with you, so why would I harm you? Why would I…”

After she moved nearer, David Ferla could smell a strange faint smell mixed in with the perfume. It was a little stinky, and it smelled like a dead fish.

David Ferla’s expression immediately turned nasty.

At this age, he knew exactly what that was.

No wonder Rion Page didn’t want him to bathe with her. She was trying to cover up the terrible stench from that area!

Damn it!

“To hell with your stupid contract!” David Ferla cursed as he kicked her hard when she tried to come closer.

This foot landed on Rion’s face and sent her flying off the bed.

“AHH!” Rion howled in pain and her jaw was now crooked.

But David Ferla couldn’t be bothered with her at all. He quickly put his clothes back on and ran out of the room like he had seen a ghost.

He was going to the hospital to get himself checked right now!

“Director Ferla! Director Ferla!” Rion’s face was twisted as her jaw was dislocated and the bridge of her nose sank deeply into her face.

She ignored the pain and picked up the contract on the floor. “Director Ferla, you haven’t signed the contract yet! You promised to sign it!”

The door slammed shut. David Ferla was nowhere to be seen.

David Ferla rushed to the first floor of the hotel and saw Diane standing there. His heart suddenly started pounding violently.

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