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Chapter 167

He wasn’t sure if she was boasting about her own charm or if she was referring to something else.

Gentry glanced at her and knew that Rion was trying to seduce him. But he wasn’t interested in this sort of woman. She was filthy.

“Do what you need to do properly and I’ll make sure you get remunerated as promised,” he responded calmly.

Getting someone like Rion to do this job was perfect. Someone like David Ferla simply couldn’t resist this bait.

Once they got hold of this project, Palmer Group was going to suffer tremendous losses.

Besides that, they were going to lose credibility for going back on their promise. They had promised Sitka Group already, then now they were going back on their word all of a sudden. So Sitka Group would become upset with them, and other companies in Fairbanks would also be suspicious about Palmer Group’s sincerity in working with them.

In the business world, it only took one slip in credibility to destroy a company that was just starting out.

The Palmer family…could prepare to perish before it could even rise!

“Lalala…” Rion smiled as she came closer to Gentry and the smell of her perfume hit his nose. “Young Master Price, besides the money, what I really want is for Diane to be destroyed.”

Her eyes were curved as she smiled, “I’ve done such a good job, so isn’t there something else you would like to reward me with?”

Gentry got up and his expression remained calm. “Don’t be too greedy, you might get choked.”

He then left the room to get prepared to make his move. He wanted to destroy Palmer Group with one blow.

Rion scoffed as she watched Gentry walk out. She was annoyed with such men who didn’t seem to understand what she was getting at.

She looked down at herself and wondered if she should have unbuttoned one more button.

“Oh forget it. Settle David Ferla first. There’s always another chance to get Young Master Price.”

She was very confident in her skills.

After booking the hotel room, Rion left along with that contract that she had meticulously prepared. It was a contract filled with problems!

She was sure that David Ferla wouldn’t look carefully at it. Because by that time, he would only be looking at her body.

David Ferla drove himself to the hotel.

“Room 1204” was a message from Rion.

David Ferla licked his lips and his Adam’s apple started moving. He felt that this simple text message seemed to have a voice to it. He could imagine Rion’s flirtatious voice saying it.

He immediately got into the elevator and ran towards room 1204, wondering what sort of surprised Rion had in store for him.

David Ferla immediately pressed the bell when he reached the door. “Darling, I’m here!”

The door opened. He was met with Rion’s charming face.

David Ferla immediately went up and put his arms around Rion, who was wearing only a sexy silk lingerie. He quickly shut the door in a hurry and he could feel all the blood in his body rushing.

“Oh my, Director Ferla, what’s the hurry?”

Rion had reached not too long ago and had just changed into these clothes.

She used her fingers to push against David Ferla’s chest and smiled. “Wait a while, I’m going to bathe first.”

“We can bathe together,” blurted out David Ferla.

“Oh no,” Rion pouted. “I have to prepare the surprise for you.”

She had to apply some medication otherwise it would be difficult to cover that smell. It would be terrible if the smell affected her business tonight.

“Be good and wait for me.”

She bit her lip, pushed David Ferla onto the bed, then purposely threw him an alluring glance before darting into the bathroom.

David Ferla was so excited.

He took off his jacket and changed into a bathrobe. He didn’t even want to bathe and was just waiting for Rion to come out of the bathroom.

The door bell rang again.

“Who’s that!” David Ferla yelled out impatiently. “Don’t disturb me!”

A voice came from outside the door. “I’m here to deliver the red wine.”

David Ferla’s heart skipped a beat. This was the surprise?

She knew how to set the atmosphere!

He had a naughty smile as he quickly ran to open the door. A hotel staff stood at the door with a smile on his face. He had a tray with a bottle of red wine, two wine glasses and an envelope.

“Pass it to me.” David Ferla took the tray from the staff and closed the door again.

He immediately opened the wine to let it breathe, then poured out two glasses and waited.

He saw that there was an envelope as well and became curious. Why was there a letter? Could it be a love letter?

This Rion really had a lot of tricks up her sleeve. This sort of surprise was so interesting and so romantic. He had never done anything like this before.

David Ferla looked over and could hear that the sound of the shower was very loud, so Rion probably didn’t know that someone had sent things to the room.

He immediately opened the envelope and started reading it on the bed.

David Ferla’s expression immediately became strange from the start of the document.

He continued reading and his face paled.

He clutched the paper in his hands and shuddered violently.

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