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Chapter 166

Furthermore, the party they had been talking to all this while was Sitka Group, so how could they suddenly not be suitable? She hadn’t even heard of this Innova Group before.

“Why didn’t you let me ask him some more?”

Diane walked over and Ethan poured a cup of tea for her.

“Have a cup of tea and quench your throat,” laughed Ethan. “He came prepared, so no matter what you ask, he’ll have an answer for you, and you’d run out of things to ask.”

“There’s definitely a problem.”

“Of course there’s a problem.”

Ethan took his phone out. He already felt that there was a problem from the moment David Ferla started speaking.

When he heard that the investor was being changed to this Innova Group, Ethan immediately sent this name to Winston and made him investigate this company’s background as quickly as possible.

There was a BIG problem alright.

“Look at it yourself.”

Ethan passed his phone to Diane. She put down her tea and looked at it.

Her expression grew nastier and nastier and even looked angry.

“The biggest shareholder of this Innova Group is actually the Price family of Fairbanks?”

That Price family that nearly ruined her!

How did David Ferla get entangled with them?

“Didn’t think of it, eh? The Price family has started their retaliation.”

Ethan didn’t have much expression on his face and she couldn’t tell if he was angry or not. He didn’t care about this tiny Price family. He was just curious. Were these ants really tired of living?

“They’re probably trying to use this project to make Palmer Group suffer tremendous losses. What a great plan,” remarked Ethan calmly.

“But how did they manage to get to David Ferla so easily? He’s a very senior staff at Palmer Group!”

Diane didn’t tell him that William had praised David Ferla several times and told her that David Ferla’s experience and ability could help her, especially since David Ferla wasn’t ambitious, so he was a safe character.

“All humans have weaknesses.” Ethan glanced at Diane. “A person with no weakness doesn’t exist.”

Diane couldn’t be bothered to ask about what Ethan’s weakness was. Her mind was filled with nothing but Palmer Group’s expansion.

If she really let David Ferla sign the contract, then they would have fallen for the Price family’s trap. They would have lost money, but on top of that, they would have lost the chance to work with Sitka Group, and worse still, their credibility would be lost because they broke their promise to them so suddenly.

If this happened just as Palmer Group wanted to expand, then how was the company going to continue in the future?

This was a really wicked move!

“What do we do now?”

“Let him sign the contract.”

Ethan tapped a finger on the table.

Diane thought she heard him wrongly.

Agree to let him sign?

This contract was definitely problematic but Ethan asked her to get David Ferla to sign?

But Diane could tell from Ethan’s expression that he wasn’t joking.


She didn’t ask any further. Since Ethan said so, then naturally he had it all planned out.

Diane walked back to her desk, picked up the phone and called David Ferla.

David Ferla had gotten back to his office and was still thinking about what sort of surprise Rion had in store for him at night. He was looking forward to it.

Just as he was thinking about it, the phone rang. He immediately picked it up when he saw that it was Diane’s work number.

“CEO Palmer, you’re agreeable? No problem, CEO Palmer, rest assured I will get this done.”

David Ferla’s eyes were smiling and his face was filled with excitement after he put the phone down.

He clenched his fist tightly. “Beautiful! Beautiful!”

He couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to strike while the iron was hot. He called Rion Page right away, “Manager Page, I think we don’t have to wait till tonight. Bring the contract over, let’s find a place to sign it now.”

He didn’t want to wait a minute longer!

Rion had just finished preparing the contract.

She smiled a little seductively as she looked at Gentry sitting across her.

“Young Master Price, it seems like David Ferla can’t wait.”

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