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Chapter 165

David Ferla knocked on Diane’s office door.

“Come in.” Diane responded from inside.

David Ferla walked in and nodded slightly at Ethan when he saw him seated on the sofa. He didn’t know anything about Ethan besides knowing that Steven and son had chosen him to marry into Diane’s family.

He was at the hotel when this announcement was made, and back then he had even secretly muttered that Ethan was one lucky guy.

“CEO Palmer,” David Ferla smiled. “I’ve settled the project I’m in charge of, and we’ll sign the contract later, I thought I should let you know.”

“It’s the surgical masks project, right? The secretaries already gave me the report this morning.” Diane smiled and clearly trusted an old employee of the company. When she worked for the old Palmer Group, she had heard that David Ferla was a very capable employee. “Next time, you don’t have to come all the way here just to update me on such things.”

David Ferla was pleased to hear this.

As a high ranking senior employee, many people looked up to him, and he was very happy that Diane respected him too.

He had come to tell her personally to show his loyalty and his attitude.

“It’s such a big project, so of course I have to report to CEO Palmer. The new Palmer Group has just started sailing and CEO Palmer has to know everything about the company in order to have a good grasp of the company. I will do whatever I can within my ability to share this burden with CEO Palmer,” David Ferla said with a smile.

Diane nodded. “Sitka Group called me yesterday and said they had a good discussion with you. They’d like to treat us to a meal soon.”

“Oho, CEO Palmer, I’ve come here today to tell you that after much serious consideration, I think Sitka Group is not really suitable for the direction Palmer Group is headed in.”

Diane’s expression didn’t change, but her heart shook a little.

They weren’t suitable for where the company was headed?

This Sitka Group’s funds were clean and they had many investments in Fairbanks. Palmer Group chose to work with them partly because they wanted to increase their assets in Greencliff, but they also wanted to use Sitka Group to enter Fairbanks’s market.

These met Palmer Group’s requirements, so why did David Ferla say they didn’t?

Diane instantly sensed that something was amiss.

“It’s like that – Sitka Group has invested in many projects overseas and a lot of their money is flowing out of the country. I feel that they’re not interested in developing the local market, so I don’t think they’re suitable for our future development plans if we continue working with them.”

David Ferla knew that Diane would definitely ask him why, so he prepared this speech beforehand.

“Palmer Group is now based in Greencliff and moving into Fairbanks is just our first step out before we go on to conquer the local market, and not overseas.”

Diane’s expression remained calm as she looked at David Ferla.

“Then which company do you think is more suitable?”

“Innova Group,” replied David Ferla seriously. “They fulfil our requirements in all aspects. Don’t worry CEO Palmer, I’ve checked very carefully.

Diane wanted to ask further, but Ethan looked up at her, so she said, “Since you’ve already made this choice after serious consideration, then I don’t have any opinions. But it’s a bit difficult to explain to the Sitka Group, so let me think of how to handle them first. We can sign the contract after I’ve talked to them.”

David Ferla nodded. “CEO Palmer, if it’s difficult for you, I can handle this part.”

This sort of thing didn’t need Diane to personally attend to it.

“They’ve just asked me out for a meal but we’re not working together anymore, so I think it’s better if I talk to them.” Diane smiled, “I’ll settle this, you can go back to work.”

David Ferla walked out, and Diane’s expression immediately darkened.

Changing investors at such short notice was no small matter, but David Ferla had actually explained it away so simply.

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