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Chapter 164

“Hoho, there are high ranking jobs and low ranking jobs. I’m a director, so I’m someone whose words carry weight.”

David Ferla wasn’t a money grubber. Besides, Palmer Group didn’t pay him less than any other company would.

He didn’t need to compete or play office politics anymore. He just needed to do his job well and he could get the salary he expected. To David Ferla, this was all he needed at his job.

But he was a womanizer, and had a huge appetite in this area.

He had gotten to know this woman through a project discussion. He didn’t expect to find such a treasure in the other party’s investor group.

What surprised him even more was that this woman had secretly tickled his palm when they shook hands, and it totally tickled his heart.

The moment the discussion was over, the two of them had the same thought and ran to a hotel.

They had just fought a crazy battle.

David Ferla was an old hand in this and had loads of experience, but today he was on the losing end. That feeling of being on cloud nine really made him feel very high.

“But that’s still a job. Did Palmer Group give you any shares?”


David Ferla smiled, “Cold hard cash is more practical. Miss Page, you’re still young and you don’t understand these things.”

“Oh, but I thought you liked me for being young?”

Rion Page’s index finger slid across David Ferla’s body and teased him mercilessly, “I’m young, energetic, with good technique, and…”

Her finger continued to slide downwards and David Ferla felt himself tremble slightly. His Adam’s apple kept moving as he looked at Rion’s fiery red lips.

“Director Ferla.”


“Regarding that project, won’t you consider working with our company?”

“When it comes to projects, the things we have to consider…ahh…are a bit more complicated…”

“Then…am I part of your consideration?”

Her voice became a bit unclear.

David Ferla was about to answer when he couldn’t say anymore. His entire body tensed up.

“Of…course you are!”

After he left the hotel, David Ferla came back to Palmer Group and his face was still a little red.

He went into the office and sat on his chair as he thought about what happened earlier for a while. He then took out the contract that he had prepared in the morning.

David Ferla took a look at it and calculated the costs of changing investors. After realizing the cost wasn’t too high, he threw the contract into the shredder.

After that, he picked up the phone and made a call, “Manager Page, I think your company is more suitable for this project. As for the conditions, it’ll be the same as what you offered.”

After a pause, David Ferla laughed, “Or tell you what, why don’t you bring the contract to me tonight and we could have a further discussion?”

The investor was changed.

To David Ferla, this was nothing to shout about. As long as the project was completed and the company profits were accounted for, this case was closed.

He had always worked this way. As long as the company made money, the project was considered a successful one.

As for who to give the project to or who to work with, that depended on who had the upper hand.

Clearly, he had included Rion Page in his consideration.

Or at least, right now, he couldn’t forget the experience of feeling like he was high up in the sky!

“Sure, I’ll see you tonight then. I have a surprise for you, to express my thanks,” replied Rion over the phone in a coquettish voice.

David Ferla started getting excited after hanging up.

He only felt that time was passing too slowly. Why wasn’t it dark yet?

He got up, straightened out his emotions, then walked out of the office to report to Diane.

Since William wasn’t in the office, everything was under Diane’s charge now.

He had decided on changing the investor, so he had to let Diane know.

Of course, to David Ferla, he was really just letting her know.

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