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Chapter 163

Diane slept for more than ten hours.

When she woke up, Ethan was still sitting by her side and never left.

Her face was a little red.

“You didn’t take a rest?”

“I said that I was going to accompany you.”

There was no need to speak too much. Ethan smiled faintly.

Diane looked at Ethan for a long while, and for once, she didn’t thank him.

But she couldn’t hide the blush on her face nor the emotions in her eyes anymore.

“Hungry?” asked Ethan. “Let’s go eat.”

“Ok.” Diane nodded obediently.

The moment she saw that Diane had woken up, April walked over and her face still looked worried.

“Mum, I’m alright, you don’t have to worry.”

She had really gotten a scare the day before.

If Ethan hadn’t gotten there in time, Diane might now be a cold corpse.

She was so glad Ethan was around.

She turned to look at Ethan and there was some gentleness in her eyes. “Mum, why don’t you cook something? I’m sure Ethan is hungry.”

“Oh of course! I’ll be ready in a minute!!”

April quickly ran into the kitchen.

Before long, a fragrance wafted out from the kitchen.

By the time Ethan and Diane had washed up, there were several dishes on the table and the rice was cooked already.

April could sense that Diane didn’t look at Ethan the same way anymore. She didn’t want to interrupt them, so she quietly went back to her own room.

“Send me to the office later, there are some projects that can’t afford to be delayed any further,” Diane said without even lifting her head. “I’ve already thought through which direction to take already.”

“Sure, as long as you’ve decided.”

“Oh wait, send me to the hospital first, I want to visit Ashley.”


Ethan never asked about Palmer Group. He set up the company to train up Diane, and he didn’t care if it collapsed. At most he would just set up another company.

Ethan felt assured when he saw that Diane had returned to normal.

After eating, he sent Diane out. April then cautiously opened the door and came out.

“Diane is alright,” William spoke first and exhaled deeply. “It’s all thanks to Ethan.”

“I think things have become more serious,” April sighed. “The one thing that makes women fall in love is when they feel touched inside.”

Diane was clearly touched. She was an innocent young lady after all. In the past, if a hero rescued a damsel in distress, she would marry the hero.

“There’s nothing bad about that,” replied William. “Anyway, I really like Ethan. At most, I’ll work harder and make sure Diane has a good dowry.”

“Dream on!” April rolled her eyes at him. “Where did you get Palmer Group from? That belongs to Ethan too!”

“AHEM!” William coughed and his face turned a little red. “And so what if my son-in-law gave it to me? I insist on having this son-in-law. Why can’t I?”

“You’re even talking back to me now?”

“Dear, I was in the wrong.”


Palmer Group advanced very quickly, and everyday brought new challenges.

Now that there were investors pouring in and hoping to work with Palmer Group, all the staff in the company knew that the moment this big ship called Palmer Group started sailing, it was headed in a bigger direction than any of them could imagine.

“Director Ferla has already settled this project with Sitka Group and he will get the contract signed tomorrow.”

A few head of departments were updating Diane.

“Ok, with Director Ferla in charge, this project won’t have any issues,” Diane nodded. “For the next few projects, I have a few ideas in mind, so let me go through them first, then you can give me your feedback and we’ll discuss.”

Diane was like a different person in the meeting room now. She seemed to have matured overnight.

She knew that she had to mature. It wasn’t just for her family. But more so that she would have the courage to say that she wanted to stay by Ethan’s side if and when that time came.

At the same time.

David Ferla, one of the directors of Palmer Group, was in charge of an important project. The total investment sum was $600 million!

He was a senior employee of Palmer Group and came over from the old Palmer Group. He had been working in this line for the last thirty years, and he had plenty of experience and connections.

He had always remained polite to William even though William had no position to speak of in the Palmer family.

And because of this, William decided to keep him in the company.

“Director Ferla, you’re so amazing, so how could you continue working for Palmer Group?” But now David Ferla was all relaxed as he lay on the water bed and panted heavily, his expression still clearly wanting more. The beautiful and slim woman next to him made his blood rush even by just looking at her!

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