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Chapter 162

Gentry did not mention that he was the one who left Blake Price to die. He knew that the Price family was now left with only one heir. Now that Blake Price was dead, then there was no need to fight for the family with him, even though there was no way Blake would have won Gentry anyway.

To him, this was also a humiliation.

“Blake offended someone,” Gentry didn’t name who it was. “Greencliff’s illegal circle is a complete mess now, and Blake wasn’t careful enough.”

“Who the hell did he offend? Why was it serious enough to cost Blake his life?!” Hank Price raged.

“Some people are crazy and we can’t afford to offend them.” Gentry’s expression didn’t change. “Dad, I’ll be honest with you. Never mind us – Joe from the Stewart family lost the use of his legs because that same man broke them!”

Hank Price’s entire body shook.

He knew that the Price family was nowhere near the Stewart family. The son of the Stewart family lost the use of his legs while his son lost his life. It actually sounded logical now.

But that was still his son!

“Is Greencliff…so terrifying?” Hank Price calmed down a little.

“It is.” Gentry only nodded. “Dad, don’t worry. I will definitely take revenge!”

“As the eldest son of the Price family, I have the responsibility of getting justice for our family and to avenge Blake!” He declared loudly, “As long as I’m not dead, I will make those people pay!”

Everyone was now focused on Gentry. They all knew that Gentry was the only heir to the Price family now. So they would have to rely on him for their future.

“Go ahead and do whatever you need to! I will bear all consequences!” Hank Price declared through clenched teeth.

The Price family arranged a simple funeral and that was the end of things. It was too embarrassing for others to know the real reason behind his death, so the Price family told others that Blake died in an accident.

Gentry immediately contacted his friends in the illegal circle, but their answer was all the same. None of them was going to enter Greencliff because they hadn’t heard anything yet.

Without knowing exactly who was backing Tom Foster, nobody dared to make any rash moves.

Gentry was a little frustrated. To him, there was no point in checking on Tom Foster. The scariest person in all of Greencliff wasn’t Tom Foster at all – it was Ethan!

But who would believe him even if he said so?

No matter how much money he offered, nobody wanted to enter Greencliff right now. So many people had perished there. They weren’t dumb.

Gentry was furious but there was nothing he could do. Since he couldn’t move the illegal circle for the time being, he had to find another method.

“Ethan, since you killed my brother, I’m going to make Diane and family go down to accompany him in hell!”

Gentry immediately came up with a plan.

Rion Page was very disappointed. The Citadel Group projects had all fallen through.

In addition, not a single company in the whole of Greencliff was willing to do business with them, even if their conditions were extremely favorable.

After that, some problems started cropping up within Citadel Group itself. Various departments in Fairbanks were investigated and Citadel Group collapsed practically overnight. That boss that she had managed to seduce had been thrown into jail for commercial crimes before she could return and try out those new ideas he had.

Rion became frantic and lay low for several days. She only dared to come out when she was sure the coast was clear.

The position that she had worked so hard for and slept with so many men for had disappeared in the blink of an eye, and she really wanted to cry but no tears came to her eyes.

When she thought about how on the contrary, Diane was rising faster and faster and had become the CEO of Palmer Group and would eventually be the leader of the company, Rion became even more jealous and started to really hate her!

Rion was hiding in her rented apartment and thinking about whether she wanted to try doing the same thing in a different place when someone knocked on her door.

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