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Chapter 161

It wasn’t that Tom Foster had confidence in himself. He had confidence in Ethan.

He knew that as long as it was something Ethan wanted to do, then he would definitely be able to achieve it. So Tom Foster had no doubts about it.

Even if it cost him his life, Tom Foster was willing to!

In no time, the two of them settled on a general direction of how things should go.

Mayor Tyson was in charge of everything in the legal circle. Tom Foster didn’t care for any reputation or glory, so he didn’t care for a part in the legal circle. He knew very well that following Ethan in itself was the greatest honor of his life.

Someone had to be in charge of doing the dirty work. Tom Foster was best at this.

Greencliff was going to go through a huge change!

Tom Foster and Mayor Tyson were going to be in charge of this. Unless they ran into a problem they really couldn’t solve, Ethan didn’t need to appear at all.

Ethan now only wanted to quietly accompany Diane.

She had fallen asleep.

Her long eyelashes would tremble from time to time. Diane was sleeping fairly well.

Ethan sat on one side and looked at her with eyes filled with gentleness.

It was the same kindhearted girl who had told him that his life would become sweeter after eating that candy back then.

He reached out and gently pushed Diane’s hair behind her ear. His fingers jumped a little when he touched her soft skin.

April pushed the door open gently and waved at him. “Ethan, let Diane sleep. You’re tired too, so come out and have dinner, I’ve cooked some food.”

Ethan had been sitting with Diane for more than three hours without moving because he was afraid of waking Diane up. April was so touched when she saw this.

“It’s alright, I’m not hungry.” Ethan shook his head. “Mum, you two can go and rest, I’ll keep her company.”

April didn’t say anymore. She brought the food back to the kitchen and kept it warm inside the pot so that Ethan could heat it up anytime he wanted.

She went back to her own room after that. William was sitting down and massaging his own legs.

After some time, he would be able to walk again.

“He’s still keeping her company?” he looked up and asked April.

April nodded and her eyes were slightly red. “He doesn’t want to eat, he’s afraid of waking Diane up.”

“How is this boy so nice to Diane? But our child really isn’t worthy of him.”

She knew a little about Ethan. April had at least a rough idea of how rich Ethan was. You couldn’t find another person richer than Ethan in all of Greencliff for sure.

Also, Ethan was so outstanding. He had made a bunch of men follow him and respect him in such a short time.

This wasn’t something an ordinary person could achieve.

But April became more worried precisely because he was so extraordinary. She was afraid that one day Diane might really fall for Ethan, but stay away from him because she looked down on herself.

“You don’t have to think so much. Ethan isn’t a bad person,” replied William. “His feelings for Diane are real, I can tell.”

“As for whether she’s worthy of him or not…” William frowned a little. “I believe in my daughter. She will prove herself. I will also work hard and make sure our daughter is worthy of Ethan.”

These two had already acknowledged Ethan as their son-in-law.

But what they didn’t know was that even if Diane was the most ordinary girl in the world, Ethan was marrying nobody else but her!


At this time.

At the Price family’s house in Fairbanks.

The air was tense and heavy.

Someone had brought a container to them first thing in the morning. It was an urn!

‘Blake Price’ was clearly written on it.

The entire Price family was on the verge of going mad.

The head of the Price family, Hank Price, was furious. His eyes were bloodshot and his entire body was trembling as he held the urn in his hands.

“Blake! Blake Price!” He lifted his head and roared angrily.

Nobody else in the room dared to say anything.

“So arrogant! So outrageous!” Hank Price continued to roar. “Did they think the Price family is a pushover?”

He turned and glared at Gentry, who was silently standing on one side. “What happened?! You’d better explain this whole thing properly!”

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