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Chapter 160

“Call everybody in the security department for a meeting here right now!” he yelled. “This bunch of useless things! I don’t even know why I bother feeding them! Do they really need me to whip them into shape?!”


When he saw his secretary run off to notify the department, Mayor Tyson added on, “Call Tom Foster over and ask him to wait for me in my office. I’ll see him first.”

Tom Foster arrived soon after.

Tom Foster sat in Mayor Tyson’s office and didn’t look too good.

He wasn’t polite even around a big shot like Mayor Tyson.

“You’re very relieved, right?” Tom Foster didn’t take any of the tea. “If we were just one minute later, the whole of Riverport…”

There was a layer of cold sweat on Mayor Tyson’s face.

“How’s Diane?”

“With my Big Boss around, she’ll be fine.”

“And the boy?”

Tom Foster looked up and there was a cold smile on his lips. “We sent him back to the Price family.”

Mayor Tyson dared not ask any further.

“Big Boss said he wants Greencliff to be a very special city. Safety is the most important part. We were lucky that nothing happened this time round.” Tom Foster went straight to the point, “But if this happens again, I can’t guarantee that my Big Boss would remain calm and not get angry.”

“Tyson, Big Boss just wants to do something from this city. If we don’t put in all our strength and efforts into working hard, won’t we be letting him down?”

Mayor Tyson nodded profusely.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I thought of this long ago,” replied Tom Foster. “Build an impenetrable city!”

“A city that’s safe and orderly!”

“So that the people here don’t have to lock their doors at night when they sleep, don’t have to worry if they’ve left their wallet behind, and dare to let their children go to school by themselves!”

Mayor Tyson felt his body tremble.

This was too difficult even for many other cities.

He didn’t have that much resources to get to this stage in Greencliff right now.

This required an immense amount of manpower and finances.

“You just have to manage the legal circles, I’ll let you be the good guys.” Tom Foster could tell what Mayor Tyson was worried about. “As for the things that shouldn’t see the light of day, I’ll handle them!”

Mayor Tyson looked intensely at Tom Foster.

This was a risky business and he might even lose his life. After all, the competition in the illegal circle was cruel and nobody knew where to draw the line.

“Foster, but you…”

“I climbed from the bottom and nearly lost my life several times, so I know the pain of being right at the bottom. If not for Big Boss, I wouldn’t be standing here today. I might be under some bridge and worrying about my next meal.” Tom Foster reflected, “So since Big Boss has given me this chance, then I want to do something. I want to contribute both to this city and to the people who live here.”

Mayor Tyson immediately sat up straight. His expression was stern and there was admiration in his eyes.

Initially he had looked down on the people in the illegal circle like Tom Foster. To him, these people had always been the enemy, and was the cause of the city’s disorderliness.

But Tom Foster was different from those people!

If the idea he had could become a reality and they could really make Greencliff a safe and impenetrable city, then it would go down well in this city’s history.

“If you’re giving it your all, then I’m in too!” Mayor Tyson’s voice trembled, “At most, I’ll give up being a mayor!”

“Hoho, Tyson,” Tom Foster finally smiled and took a sip of tea. “Wanna bet? We’ll definitely succeed.”

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